Physical Edition?

Hello everyone!
A very different project indeed.

In case you have a Commodore 64 at home and you are interested in a physical cassette tape version of this game,
Leave a comment in this devlog. If I reach enough enthusiasts for this item, then I'll produce them and sell them for 10euro per tape. (exclusive shipping cost)


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Mar 08, 2021

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interested in a physical tape ;D

Great! : D


Is it ok if I don't have a C64, but still want a disk? :)

Sure! But it's a not a disk : p it's a cassette tape that I was going for.
Since it a bit more accessible and easier to produce : )


Well that's cool, would we be able to have them signed as well?

haha sure! : ) but still need to get another ~17people in for a physical version. Before I start producing