A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This Project is a simple recreation of the apartment where I stayed for 3 weeks in Osaka, Japan.
Like a small memorial. Note that this was created in a fairly short time with quite cheap equipment and only some vacation photos and vage memory as a reference. Anyway, enjoy this small piece of art!

I'm terrible at programming, so you might run into some issues.

Install instructions

Download => extract files somewhere => run .exe file in folder. It's as simple as that : )


Tadaima-Homecoming Windows.zip 17 MB
Tadaima-Homecoming Mac.zip 21 MB


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The game lags a lot but it is playable!
Only two items are buggy.

yea, it's extremely old. it's was just a small practice project : ) kind of abandoned.
It was the first thing I programmed and one of the first things I made with blender.
The lighting is way too much and that's why the game runs so slow.


One day I plan to buy myself a more powerful PC.

It remains to see the result! ^^


This was really cool!  Enjoyed the music choice too haha

Thank you! : )

Casper Croes folks, i need to ask one thing: Where do you launch the new game, Alisa? Do you need testers?
Just for curiosity.

The demo will be released soon here and probably on steam as well : )
I'm still working on the last features.


Loved the apartment. Its a great showcase of your talents! We can just imagine the different kind of stories that this apartment must have gone through. :)

Tthank you! I'm glad you liked it : )