Update: Nov 24

Hello everyone,

Just released a new update.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed attacking/shooting stopping horizontal aiming.
- Fixed vertical aiming resetting when releasing the Aim button too early.
- Fixed Monkey not moving forward when doing his jump attack.
- Fixed Space Room pausing on aim.
- Attempt to fix getting stuck in Headwalkers dark corridor in The House of Fun.
- Attempt to fix clipping through door-corner in mid floor stairways scene.
- Fixed second interaction with Jack box enemy.

- End boss health now correctly scaling with used Toothwheels.
- New hidden mechanic added. Play to find out ; )
(there was already a hint before but wasn't fully implemented yet)

Some bugs are still present and will be fixed in the next update.
Such as: 
- Ladder interactions still acting strange.
- Letterblock puzzle and book puzzle can sometimes break.
- and more...

Thank you very much and have fun! : )


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13 days ago
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13 days ago
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13 days ago

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