Update: Jan 1

Hello and a Happy New Year!

Here is hopefully the last major bugfix update!
- Enemy pathfinding fixes
- Fixed enemies not attacking correctly (Edmiston not attacking is also fixed)
- Fixed Hanz Rounds in Elise's Waves game
- Pulse Meter / padlock code finally fixed
- Fixed disappeared emblem for some players. (a rare bug but for anybody who lost their emblems, they will not have it back)
- Sliding while healing in certain knockdown states should be fixed
- Fixed magically item restocking while entering The House of Fun

Known issues:
- The ladder stuck climbing bug might still be present but I haven't encountered it myself. I did find a small issue with, fixed it, but not sure if it's completely fixed with this.
- Enemies attacks has been tweaked but not tested enough. Please comment if there is an enemy not attacking correctly.
- Since I updated the pathfinding, I noticed a slight dip in the fps. Shouldn't be a problem on modern systems.
- While testing on another device, the "Play" button in the menu didn't do anything.
This was fixed by removing the files from %appdata%/LocalLow/CasperCroes/Alisa.
(Watch out, don't delete your save files ".sav")

- Added more enemies to areas while you progress the game.
Making the mansion less empty by the end of the game.
- Every couple of enemies you kill adds an extra item in stock (in the shop).
- Collectors in the prologue mission can now be "killed". The cutscene will play as usual but you get a reward after waking up in the Dollhouse.
- Added Camera Shake when the ground starts shaking in the forest cutscene.
Hopefully I can start adding more new content soon but I'm still working on a commission project with a close deadline.

Thank you for you patience and have fun playing! : )

Please leave a rating on Alisa. It would be great support for me and this project! <3

- Casper Croes


Alisa v1.0 (Windows).zip 225 MB
Jan 01, 2022
Alisa v1.0 (Linux).zip 244 MB
Jan 01, 2022
Alisa v1.0 (MacOS).app.zip 230 MB
Jan 01, 2022

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