Alisa Developer's Cut update is here!

Hello everyone,

It's finally here! The big update!

What does it contain:
- 7 new weapons
- 8 new dresses
- 2 new shops
- 2 new endings
- body mods feature
- 2 new enemies
- new cutscenes
- new game +
- auto-aim
- fishing minigame
- 5 new items
- major bug fixes
- plug&play xbox controls (for windows & linux)
- achievements

I wasn't able to test everything thoroughly enough so you can expect some bugs here and there.
Will try to fix all of them asap as we find them together : )
If you find one, please post your report in a comment here. (not in the discussions place)

Next week I will update the Demo to the current version standards and update the soundtrack.

I will be very busy fulfilling the Kickstarter rewards from now and will bring a Custom Language support update in a couple of months from now.

Make sure to grab the game during the sale because it'll take a good while until there will be next sale!

Thank you all very much for the wait and have fun!
and drop a steam review if you like : D

- Casper Croes


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80 days ago

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