Hot fix 1

Hello everyone,

I did my best to get a quick hotfix out.

What is fixed:

- Blue bit in the curtain room is gone

- you can not correctly pickup the "odd dress"

- using magic items will make you invulnerable for a short moment so nothing can glitch you out

- door in new garden room to exit is now fixed

- items fixed in new water room

- can't run with modern controls should be fixed now

Bugs I'm aware of that will be fixed next time:

- rapid flickering controls menu when you try to push left or right on keyboard

- some dresses in shop not accessible with old save(?)

- first boss battle glitched? he spawns outside his machine and can't die?

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you all for the bug reports so far!


Alisa DC (Windows).zip 303 MB
80 days ago
Alisa DC (Linux).zip 322 MB
80 days ago
Alisa DC (Mac) 308 MB
80 days ago

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