Hot Fix 02

Hello everyone,

Here is the second hotfix.

What's fixed:

- Items in new water room causing softlock should be fixed now

- Controls option horizontal movement rapid flickering fixed

- Can't access all dresses in closet or shop is fixed

- Some enemies sliding around during pause screen or when menu is open is fixed

- Black doll enemy now grabbing correctly when trying to attack with sword

- First boss leaving his machine bug is now fixed

- Auto-aim "on/off" text not clipping through text in status menu anymore (for French, Italian, Japanese)

- Boss rewards menu now working as intended

- Blocking heavy attacks causing softlock on movement now fixed

- New weapons and dresses info in inventory not clipping with other text anymore

- Cherub will no longer follow you through another playthrough or savefile

- See through benches on top floor now fixed

- Black bar in menu in water corridor fixed

- Black doll during library cutscene fixed

- Black doll song remained after entering the staircases from hallway fixed

- Crossbow bolts now correctly sticking in enemies

- Glass orb now obtainable from Boss Rewards (if already claimed in save, it's gone from your playthrough)

- Cherub not attacking end boss should now work correctly (not tested)

- Rope in 2nd room at main hallway replaced with Medkit (as it was intended)

- Javelin weapon poke attack not dealing damage fixed

What's still there to fix but need more investigation to be able to fix:

- Male Garden Sentinel enemies, and Gunners stuck in a "shuffeling dance" animation. (could be caused by V-sync. try switching it when you come across this bug)

- Garden boss losing her AI during swordfight?

- Dodge gets you stuck on walls or corners? Dodge can flip you over?

- Auto-aim not always responding? (note that auto-aim only aligns you horizontally, not vertically)

Thank you for your patience! I hope the game became a lot more playable! : )


Alisa DC v1.02 (Windows).zip
79 days ago
Alisa DC v1.02 (Linux).zip 322 MB
79 days ago
Alisa DC v1.02 (Mac) 308 MB
79 days ago

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