Hot Fix 03

Hello everyone,

Took a day off yesterday but continued to fix bugs today.
So here is the new hot fix!

What's new:
- Items on Upper floor infinitely spawning back should be fixed now
- The "horses" and "male garden sentinels" should now move correctly on high fps
- "fly" enemy should now stand still while the game is on pause
- "sold out" marker on purple dress and white dress now correct
- Possible to open inventory during Charlottes introduction should be fixed now
- Using weapons during Pier puppet introduction should be fixed now
- Using weapons during bathing should be fixed now
- Sword and Shield blocking is now correct
- Slightly increased melee weapon damaged
- Switching weapons during dodge and softlock fixed
- You can now correctly use the orb during the chase boss battle
- Couldn't open menu or interact after heavy impact block now fixed
- Shotgun shells (Bob) now showing in Stats Tab
- Shield and left hand pistol now correctly hiding during cutscenes
- "Greed" achievement should now be working correctly

Things I'm aware of:
- Charlotte (closet) menu glitching? (not sure)
- Iron thorns coming along with other saves? (not sure)
- Controls menu horizontal flickering still happening for some people?
- WASD not working on keyring?

Thank you for your patience!
I hope it'll be a bit more playable now.
Have fun!


Alisa DC v1.03 (Windows).zip 303 MB
77 days ago
Alisa DC v1.03 (Linux).zip 322 MB
77 days ago
Alisa DC v1.03 (Mac) 308 MB
77 days ago

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