Hot Fix 04

Hello everyone,

Here is the latest hot fix!

- WASD movement should now work with the inventory keyring

- Leg item now correctly disappearing from inventory when used

- Chase sequence boss and using orb now works correctly

- Black bars in inventory in candle room now fixed

- Orb now working correctly in end boss fight

- Floating Eye now correctly working

- Sword and Shield rebalanced and fixed shield break animations

- First boss reward now showing correct "sold out marker"

- Elise "Note and book" interaction, text staying on screen fixed

- Elise can now be hit correctly with all weapons

- Defence now correctly applying on white dress when load game

- Alisa holding Hammer wounded animations fixed

- Make-up now showing correctly in Chase Boss Battle

- Many Javelin (weapon) fixes

- Lower Corridor music plays correctly when traversing to other rooms

- Alisa's hand clipping through camera in pre-endboss-cutscene when holding HMG (Weapon) fixed

- Dodging while dead, should be fixed now

- Getting hit when dodging could make you fall on the ground, fixed

- Trap (weapon) audio fixed

- Run while setting trap fixed

- Weapon control during some cutscenes fixed

- increased Fireball damage

- Auto-aim during waves game and endboss should now work correctly

- Cherub item now correctly working during endboss fight

- New Game Plus capped to level 9 (savegames that are currently at a higher level will keep it's level until the end and transform into level 9 afterwards)

- Re-pickup of cone hat while puzzle is finished, fixed

- Another attempt to fix the Male Garden Sentinels and Horses is done, hopefully it's fixed now

Some bugs that were reported weren't found during testing and hopefully other bugs that got fixed, fixed these all together.

Make sure you are playing with Steam turned on, if you play without steam turned on, the game will crash when you receive an achievement.

Have fun! : )


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73 days ago
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73 days ago
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73 days ago

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Ignore the part where I talk about Steam and achievements.
I accidently copied that from my Steam Announcement.