Hot Fix 05

Hello everyone,

Here is hopefully the last hotfix!

What's new:

- Cherub stunning endboss while grabbed could lock you, should be fixed now

- Big guy in kitchen's head hitbox tent to disappear is fixed now

- Loading the game while wearing make-up dress being bugged is fixed now

- White dress defence calculation not always working, should be fixed now

- added new option: Render: 1x or 2x 

Which means you can render objects and characters at 480p instead of standard 240p.

I'm not a fan of it honestly, but it's the maximum acceptable 3D object resolution increasement.

Looks a bit like if the game was ported to Dreamcast or something but it still creates an illusion break between the backgrounds and the objects.

Pre-rendered videos will look very nice though!

- Also added a damage bonus on melee weapons when having the Gear Implants.

This should be the last update until October.

But you never know if something important breaks again... then I can't be stopped.

Have fun!


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72 days ago
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72 days ago
Alisa DC v1.05 (Mac)
72 days ago

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hot fix in steam?