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Gostaria de apresentar o jogo e traduzir para o público brasileiro. Me mande email se tiver interesse:

After the NG+ cleared,I noticed the enemy's HP or defense is growing.They could stand more attack before beat down,it became quite obvious at NG+4.Is there a limit? At what time the enemy will stop enhancing?

NG+9 is maximum

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recruit more members into your group,next time make a game like DC or PS2 standard graphics.That will surely  make the game more popular.




That's the spirit

Posting comment here is already not an easy thing for our people.Still I have a request.Could you post the conditions of 25 achievements about this game? Although I can get in steam platform and bought the game, I can not open the steam community page to see the details. NOW I just want to know about all these 25 achievements.

I cannot post publicly about this

What a pity, it seems can not send private message here.HOW about post it by email? Here's my address:

At the early stage,while Alisa going to second floor to pick up a letter box,a guy shows up  in the ground floor.Who is that guy? He is not the guy Alisa chasing in the beginning,right?

you should join the discord for all of these questions : p

Our country has many restrictions about network.A lot of international software,website,we can not get access to or use. The site of discord is included, I clicked the site,but could not open it. 

you live in china?

YES,like google,face book,twitter,many countries can use freely ,but we can not.

Jean's accent is very special,some words don't sound like English.What kind of the languages come from? French? Italian?

Maybe I have to give up,still can't find the crossbow.I noticed a barricade in the courtyard outside,but got no way to open it.3 control panels can not remove that barricade. Maybe the crossbow is in there? 

yup : ) you also need the rope

The rope?It could go back to underground,but still can't remove the barricade.  

well, that's my tip : )

At last, I got the crossbow!IT is hidden so well,but is not good to use.It just for one shot,and the reload is quite slow.BUT the arrows will stick to the enemy's body is very real.The weapons I like in this game are the machine gun and military shotgun. Gatling gun is very powerful,but could not use much.

 ALISA equips Gatling gun to defeat the final boss is the tribute image to the resident evil 2 remake's Claire to defeat G4, right? very intersting.

Nope XD I was first to do it. But they released earlier sadly.

Here's another question,there are arrows sold in the shops .What weapon can use the arrows? I have bought all the weapons in the shops ,but found no one can use the arrows 

There is a secret crossbow somewhere hidden : )

By the way, Alisa and Jean are good friends,right? The first ending ,in Alisa's room ,I found them in a photo. The 2nd ending,Jean let Alisa go off.    

Hey, I deleted your 2 previous posts. no offence. just kinda spoils the endings for people who didn't play yet. but yes, good friends but the photo is not Jean and Alisa : ) it's very unclear indeed but it's actually a photo of Alisa's parents and her as a kid, but difficult to see.


It doesn't matter.YES,that should be deleted,I am being inconsiderate.And the 6th mod puzzle is hidden quite well, I found it out only by chance.

you said the developer's version has 2 new endings.SO,it means there are 3 endings total,right? BUT I beat the game five times,and only get 2 endings.COULD you tell me the condision of how to get all the endings?

there are 3,5 endings. (3rd ending has 2 versions)
The endings depends on how many Modifications you bought. (6 is maximum)
so there is: none, some, all. and last variation depends on Elise's state (friendly doll).
6th mod is a bit hidden and you have to figure that out how to unlock it.


I am so glad for your reply.This is a very good individual game.OK,I will test it out at once!


So the modifications need to buy are the ones that only in shop? But not the mini game that in circus? It cost 50 toothwheels to play for one round 

And ,thank you very much for the reply and the game!   

Indeed. Only the "modifications bought in the shop" make sure you have 6 for the 3rd ending : )

hello ,Casper Croes, I have questions about the game

¿is full?

yup, very full

Is it posible to play this game just with my keyboard? it looks so cool tho :')

Yes. it's standard set for keyboard controls and you can still edit the controls in the button settings ingame.
Standard keyboard buttons are very 90s so some people might like to edit them to be more "modern" : )

Ahh thats probably why it worked so weird with the arow keys, tsm!


I also realized that the current demo version doesn't support WASD. so it's controller or arrow buttons only. I might update the demo in the near future but the full game supports WASD controls

I struggeled with the controls here. no hate to the game! looks amazing. i just could deal with the controlsXD

this game is hard asffff but i had fun

i keep getting error code 0x1 (1) #I'm on linux (mint) anyone go a fix

it runs with ubuntu. other than that, I have no experience with Linux.
You can always try the demo on Steam if you want an easier install.


I know my English is very poor, but I still try to express my thoughts:

I've played a lot of horror games or horror games-Like, and I'll never forget the horror that Resident Evil 1 and 2 brought me, and the depressing feeling that Silent Hill 1 and 2 brought me. Also Parasite Eve, Fear Effect, Clock Tower and more…

This game is unique in a world overrun with so many "FPS jumping horror hide-and-seek games", like an oasis in a desert filled with sandstorms and mirages.

Today's horror survival games also have RESH-LIKE such as "Tormented Souls", "Back in 1995", "Murder House" and so on.

This game alisa is very special, yes, very special, not relying on a lot of jumping horror, not relying on blood and rotten flesh, and has its own unique side. It contains a lot of elements, all of which are very well grasped:

Tank movement and camera perspective: oh yes! I love this, I'm like a man behind the scenes watching alisa's every move. A lot of times the enemies are hidden from view and I have to use my voice to identify them, the clown killer and the garden guard are the ones that impressed me the most. In the garden, I walked to the screen, only to be hit in the face with a "spike" by the garden guard.

Limited item management: The game is the same as PE2, the number of enemies and items is limited, I can't waste it. In each area, I have to consider whether to kill the enemy for money, or give up the kill and avoid it. Pick up items I need or give away at the store. So, there are times when I have to waste a gear in exchange for a save to test out these new weapons and clothes. Players can carry two weapons in the game. The separate setting of item and weapon management is very simple and convenient, and I don't need to think about backpacks.

My overall review:

There is a bug in the revolver, the fish scale suit is only used once in the pool maze, and the night travel with 40% defense is not very useful.

A worthy NPC: DOLL with a broken leg, the only NPC in the game that is friendly to you. You can choose to kill her or help her. Just like "Soul" and "Blood Source", you choose the ending of the NPC yourself. In boss battles, Doll is a strong teammate, helping you attract firepower and allow you to attack with enough time. Then she was kidnapped by the black old Doll...

Unique boss battle: Although there are relatively few bosses in the game, each boss (and elite enemies) has its own unique way of action. Starting from the Kraken, the boss battle is more and more like a "soul", but In the end, the BOSS "Gibbon" made me feel very disappointed, both in terms of shape and strength. I thought there would be an epic battle after that. After escaping from the depression, I had a decisive battle with the huge boss who broke out of the ground... But, I was disappointed. In the later update, there will be a nemesis, that is, the old black doll, hoping to make up for the weak problem of the final boss.

Open world: Many puzzles in the game are still set around looking for clues and items to open the door, and the puzzles have no repetitive content. Many times I see new types of enemies on the road and I have to kill them to test their strength and harvest. After evaluation, I determine which ones should be eliminated and which ones outweigh the gains. In the later stage, on the way to making bombs, I scoured all the locations by the way, hoping to solve the kidnapped doll first, but unfortunately, the door has not been updated... I am too early to draw conclusions.

Special art: I like dolls very much, and I like beautiful machinery, I also make doll toys, of course, I also make some other monster toys, I love toys. (IS NOT SEXDOLL!) So the first time I was drawn to dolls and gear. The heroine's clothes in the propaganda are somewhat similar to Crazy Alice, YES, I also made Alice's doll... sorry, digress. The setting in the game is an underground palace with various styles, a villa style similar to Resident Evil, a water palace, underground? garden? ...and the circus. These are all my favorite scenes. The "enemies" in the game are not like Resident Evil uses the Uncanny Valley and Cthulhu style, nor does Silent Hill use the "Hellraiser" style. While not visually strong, they are impressive because they have a level of intensity that you might not expect in addition to their unique behavior.

Special Players' Quest: Remember the lie of "Resident Evil 2 Hidden Character Akuma"? For this reason, I once cleared RE2 (T_T) with a knife alone, but unfortunately there is no reward. In this game, players can try not to kill the enemy, complete melee combat, kill all, save NPCs and other gameplay requirements. Like "Axiom Verge2".

Fetish choice: I admit, alisa has a good body and good clothes... (my friend told me.) Actually, I am a little bit against Jill's evening dress in Resident Evil 3. I don't have much idea about alisa's clothes (friends: bunny girl, maid!). At the beginning, I thought alisa had become DOLL, or something like Terminator. When she took off her clothes, she was wearing underwear similar to Neil 2B...

This alisa can be said to be one of the works that I have been able to calm down and fully explore in the past 10 years. I haven't felt this way for a long time: I want to move forward, but I don't know what will happen, what will be the next me waiting outside the door . I'm looking for clues, what's waiting for me when I get back, what's going to hunt me down? How much ammo do I need, what weapon, which weapon to choose next, which outfit to choose, or give up the fight and save the ammo. In future updates, I will be more wary of new enemies and the "Old Black Doll" that follows me around. I have recommended this work to many players in the circle, and I hope the author can continue to update the following content.

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I purchased the game from STEAM, but I wanted to post a few questions here as well.

1. Who is BLACK Doll? Why did she take away the broken leg Doll. Where has she gone? This branch does not appear to be complete.

2. Is there any secret to the gate of the mouth?

3. Whether the game has DLC, or other plots, such as the stories of supporting actors and others.

4. Does the game have only one ending? (Blow up the underground palace, the heroine received a letter after being rescued)

5. The practicality of the hand cannon is too poor... Has it been corrected?

6. Can you add a difficulty option, such as automatic aiming in simple mode, and the protagonist can have more vitality.Hardmode has more enemies, and maybe more bosses.

This game made me think it was "Resident Evil Like", but then it felt like "Parasite Eve 2 Like". The boss battle that started from the Kraken BOSS is full of "soul like" flavor, and the Garden Knight behind it is even more " soul" battle. It's a pity that there are powerful shotguns and hand cannons in the later stage, but there are no enemies to destroy. I went to find three bottles and triggered the final battle. I could only fight "Gibbons". As the final BOSS, he is indeed weaker.

1. The black doll will be a nemesis type enemy until the other doll dies or gets taken away. That just a tiny story within the main story.
2. The mouth doors aren't accessible yet. There is a lot of content I had to cut from release but will be added soon.
3. There might be 1 DLC coming but not any time soon. I will first add all the remaining content.
4. The game currently has only 1 ending and will get 2 more endings.
5. The Blunderbuss? Yes it needs a rebalance because it only works fine if you are literally standing against an enemy.
6. When I made the second puppet shop, there will be an auto-aim feature. With possibly a setting to start with auto-aim enabled as "easy mode"
There will be no new bosses but I'm going to add 2 new enemy types to the game. And NG+ which makes you start with the weapons of your previous playthrough but stronger enemies and such.
Last update added  new enemy placements around the map after every boss. Also by the end. Makes it less empty late game.

(1 edit)

Thanks, nemesis? OH, awesome! Knight's AI is already very similar to the nemesis. However, I hope to meet a completely different nemesis. New enemy? I'm reminded of the hunters that came out late in Resident Evil 1... If DLC players return to the circus in the late game, will the waters and gardens encounter them? OH...

I also found several problems.

1. Many enemies in the game do not have to be killed, they do not pose any threat, such as EAT, doll, spider, gong. In the second game, I basically just killed the doll to find legs, and the other time I only killed a clown killer, two big-headed enemies, three imps, a gunman and a pantomime enemy. I would like to add a "minimum kill" reward like "Axiom Verge2" and "Silent Hill 0"?

2. The fish scale clothing in the game is now only used in the water maze. This clothing is positioned as the "torpedo gun" of Dino Crisis 2. You'd better buy it and have to discard it (but your game needs to calculate the budget). The practicality of this clothing Especially bad, can you increase the defense power or additional supplements such as walking speed. In contrast, the protagonist's military uniform is the most cost-effective. I can even say that just buying this one dress is enough.

(A lot of people have asked if a maid outfit is possible... Sure, it's not a fetish, and bunny dress?)

3. NPC DOLL is a good comrade-in-arms. She knows how to attract hatred and recovery in melee combat, just like the "Sun Knight" and "Onion" in the soul. I hope to save her. Let her live to the end. The player has two chances to make her die, but in this kind of horror game, having a friendly NPC will give the player a psychological support, in addition to survival, another "SAVE"... But many players choose to give her a shot. —_—!

4. Almost no one buys a "Knife" in the game, you can watch the YouTube video. As forgotten as the revolver.

Here's a comment from a SPEEDRUN friend: Knife, 40% defense clothes, and revolvers can all be ignored.

5. There are some enemies, I don't know if they are "BOSS" like EAT (kitchen), pantomime (second shop), gong (middle circus), big head X2 (circus), ballerina (piano) these The existence of enemies is only short-lived, some must be killed, and some can be avoided completely. I even thought they were NPCs, so I tried not to kill the "only" enemy as much as possible, in order to avoid misunderstanding. Now prove me wrong, they're just enemies, they only show up once...I always feel like there's something "secret" about them.

I like your work very much, this is just the beginning, I will continue to pay attention to this work and subsequent DLC, and recommend it to the circle of friends.

well, I just read this as an opinion XD
I heard a lot of people saying the opposite and all depends on play style.
Same as how people see armor sets/builds in Souls games.
You need to figure out what works best for you. A lot of my friends buys the saber and nothing else.
And you don't have to kill any enemy except the bosses. to complete the game. you don't even have to do the doll leg quest.

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Thanks, I'll wait for the nemesis and new enemies to come.

Let's chat...

My style: If you can save a survivor, don't give it up, even if it's not human. Soul: Sun Knight, Onion. Parasite Eve 2: Pierce Carradine, Flint (dog). Resident Evil 1 :: Richard (XD), Barry. Silent Hill: Cybil Bennett. ...I may be a good person. So even in your game I want to save DOLL. I also never hurt the audience.

Therefore, I helped DOLL, she helped me kill the siren, and then she was abducted by "OLD BLACK DOLL". I wasted a lot of time trying to find her and the way to open the mouth door, and finally came back without success... That's why I came here to ask. OH, well, my fault.

I think maybe it's a personal issue and a balance of the game, I'm not a fan of dogfights, so I'll just give an opinion on your revolver, I just need a pistol (accurate), a shotgun (damage) and a tommy gun (SMG) It's very balanced. Kudos to you, your SMG damage is more balanced than Resident Evil. ^_^


I just had to feature this game on Game Breaker. I think I will pick it up for a full gameplay too. 


No way of exiting the weapons upgrade screen if you cannot afford a purchase.

you are playing the demo? if you mean the shop, just push the cancel button

I love such retro style games!! ✌✌✌✌

Absolutely LOVE this game! Definitely had to buy the full game. Love these classic tank control RE type games, and this one is definitely the better ones that are out there. 


This was AWESOME!  I have wishlisted it on Steam and as soon as I can spare twenty bucks it's going in my library.


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I downloaded this game as soon as I found it was out, and I reached the credits over a couple of sessions.

Casper Croes should be very, very proud. Sometimes when a game is a throwback, it's very shallow, clearly just so that the trailer can make dummies like me buy the game. Alisa is clearly the result of someone who loves the classics that defined the survival horror genre, and more importantly understands what makes such games so striking. The world is carefully planned, the camera angles are cool and dramatic (SOMETIMES they're a little distant from the player), the FMV cutscenes are authentically rendered and placed.

The flow of the game is very clever and natural, a good combination of the criss-cross navigation of the first early Resident Evil games, while each wing of the house also act like thematically contained zones that fit in the larger world, the way the early Silent Hill games split up each area.

The story is largely swathed in mystery with the only clues being the few documents you read and characters you meet. Some might like a denser plot and it may feel too much like "just a haunted house", but I actually appreciate the light touch. The sights, sounds, and tone do plenty of work. Even then, it's a VERY fun haunted house. There are a number of unique enemies made for particular rooms that are quite a shock when you meet them.

Despite the familiar tank controls, the gameplay loop feels more unique than its inspiration. Including currency introduces a new incentive for fighting enemies and investing in gear. I often had to weigh the reward for defeating enemies with the effort to defeat them, along with the resource I'd use in the process. I didn't sit down and do the math to figure out how well planned it all is, but it's definitely interesting to think about while playing.

The player inventory is largely unlimited, so there's no worry about avoiding medkits or ammo you come across. On the flip side, you can ONLY carry two weapons with you, until you can switch them out at a safe room. I think it's a good way of emulating the resource management of the genre classics without being so anxiety-inducing.

And a big, important disclaimer: this game is HARD. There is definitely an expectation that you've played games like this before, and that you can run, escape, and aim efficiently. There was only one boss that didn't brutally kill me on my first encounter. I can't currently imagine anyone having an especially great time unless they played a game like this in the 90s, or are themselves invested in the history of the genre. Still, those people might enjoy watching someone play it! My wife had a blast watching me play it.

I'm excited to see how this game looks after subsequent updates. I'll definitely revisit it. Thank you for this refreshing trip to the past, Casper Croes.


Wow! this is a beautiful review!
I'm happy to read a long review that for once didn't cover all the problems that came with the launch.
I indeed had to mention the high difficulty level since a part of the game is inspired by Bloodborne (brutal difficulty/dying a lot and the way of story telling)
The story might seem a little vague and definitely needs explanation.
But the story is scattered around within the small details. While the ending (end extra future endings) keeps things open for a sequel.

Thank you very much for playing and your review! ^^


lol sorry for putting this on the demo, I meant to put it on the full game!

aah no problem! : D thank you!

Hi I'm trying to play with my Xbox One controller but when I press buttons or go into the button configuration settings it nothing but the keyboard seems to work, am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Thank you in advance, I'm excited to play your game!

in the button mapping menu> press enter, when it shows "..." press the button on the controller you want to link.
Do this for all the buttons. Normally this should work.


It works! Thank you so much for your help! :D


iam really proud of you. you are better then Capcom because they make horro games with mordern Graphics. and its looks childish. retro horro games looking creepy because of the Graphic itself. i finally can play a horro Game Thanks. please reply if you readed my compliment 

Thanks you! : D


Imagine Alisa wearing a S.T.A.R.S. uniform

Black old DOLL:stars~~~

Alisa:You want stars?I give you stars!


will the full game have save states?

Saves, yes : )

bastante interesante, un juego con una estética bizarra pero agradable, enemigos interesantes y sobre todo la ambientación muy bien lograda. quizás una ligera escases de balas, pero supongo que se puede arreglar. sin duda alguna un juego que compraré cuando salga. 


Excellent game! The setting is great, the enemies have a very cool design but above all the soundtrack is amazing, the track of the room where Poll appears is great! add Spanish subtitles for all those who do not master the language, hopefully you can add the Spanish language to the complete game.

Gameplay Complete here.

Thank you very much! ^^
Spanish will come to the game. Maybe not on launch but surely in an update in the first month(s) of release : )

Wow! Splendid thank you very much, and one last question the soundtrack can be obtained by spotify? or where could I hear it? is that I really love and I am fascinated by the subject of Pol's room.

(1 edit)

You can currently listen to the demo soundtrack here: 

After the launch, I will update this playlist with all the songs of the full game. : )

Edit: this link doesn't seem to support playlists on youtube, so you can just go to this youtube channel and find the music/playlist : )


Thank you very much the soundtrack is fantastic, I send you my regards. 🖐🖐🖐

Deleted 2 years ago

Some are. Alisa will also be sold here on release.
But itch games doesn't support DLC so that's why most devs go for Steam.
And since Alisa might get some small DLC in the future, it's better to buy it on Steam if you'd be interested in that.

Deleted 2 years ago

Excelente juego, estare al pendiente de la versión final, un miy excelente trabajo. 


This game is SO well made i cant wait for a full release 

Thank you very much! ^^

A playthrough

Truly Epic can't wait until the full release.

Thanks! : D

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