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Played through the demo, I really liked it! It's a good balance between creepy and silly : ) I'm super curious, is there a way to find the eye key in the demo? Nice work on the game!


Thanks! And no the eye key and the tree key are both for the full game : )
Some people think that the eye key door next to the safe room connects with the eye key door at the long staircase. to make a shortcut. But if you check the map, you'll see that the are very far from each other. So you can expect a huge sector inbetween : )


Ah bummer, I'm always itching to get through locked doors in games like this haha. I'll be sure to back the kickstarter so I can play the Arrival demo when it comes out! Thanks for the response!


no problem! : ) and yea. it's a bit like the resident evil 7 demo where you just really want to know what's behind the doors and what those random key items do. : p

The game is really cool. I think maybe the voice acting needs work. Anyway, great aesthetics and cool game! 

we will rerecord some voices. But will keep the actors.

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I have a question if I add 5 e with my 10 e donation on itchio can I received a gift ? 

i'm sorry but I have to say no to that. Because you donated on a demo. If you want to have a gift, You should donate on the Kickstarter or wait until you can pre-order the game.

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This demo is incredible. The movement feels very similar to RE3, very fast and smooth. The VA (voice acting) also reminded me of RE1, and I sincerely hope that it's intentionally like that, because the hammy VA is part of the charm. The end puzzle was a toughie, I had to brute force over 128 combinations before I solved it, which brings me to the two negative points:

* There is no "file" system, i.e. you can't take notes and memos with you. I could've probably saved a lot of guessing if I had the notes I'd previously read on-hand

* Enemy AI is weak and easily evaded. The only time I ever got hurt was when I decided to engage them in combat

I'm sure both of these will be ironed out in the final release, but player/tester feedback is always valuable, so I think it's worth mentioning. Looking forward to the full release. This is definitely going on my "games to watch out for" list!

Oh yea, the file menu was something that didn't make it into the demo because of lack of time but it was supposed to be where the "help" button is.
Enemy Ai will be improved for the standard dolls. The rest will kind of stay the same. Since many people struggle with the enemies.
Many good players (like you probably) feel it's toooo easy. And other people say it's too hard! So it's very difficult to find the correct balance between these 2 groups. But it sure will get polished by the full release and probably already by the next kickstarter exclusive demo.

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I like the way RE balances difficulty. Enemies are always difficult to put down/evade, but the difficulty setting tweaks some basic variables, like enemy damage output, and how many items/enemies appear in each room. So on very easy, you can take a lot of abuse (something like 6-8 grabs), there's fewer enemies per room, and healing items/ammo are abundant, while on hard, you can die in 2-3 grabs, healing items and ammo are few and far between (yet still abundant enough for a surplus by the end if you play your cards right), and there are a lot more enemies roaming around. You might also notice level design-wise that the game has lots of narrow corridors to force you to get close to zombies. Or one of my favorite examples in the RE1 remake: making you walk right next to the giant shark that just lunged at you, to pick up a key. A similar mechanic in your game would work wonders--something that forces the player to get uncomfortable to make progress. Imagine, for example, having to jam a hydraulic press with a rickety piece of junk (let's say it's a steam punk style machine and you're jamming the object into the gear assembly) to crawl through it, all the while you can hear the gears chewing away at it. And then having to crawl back through it only for the gears to win the battle just as you cover the last inch. Maybe even make a cutscene out of it. The protagonist jams it in a couple times, the gears spit it out, and when it finally sticks, she says something like "I don't know about this...". That would be nerve wracking and memorable!

Just spitballing ideas ;)

I hope the dev cycle goes well for you, man.

so I might be making a kind of grab attack for enemies. A little bit based on how Sekiro does it but without the symbol telling you it's going to come. just a charge kind of attack. also I'm going to reduce the knockback/cancelation of the attacks. so they will become a lot stronger.
and I kinda like that idea of that gear/cog machine thing! I might be able to put that in somewhere : ) not sure yet but it could be possible.
Thanks for the ideas and feedback! : ) 

Hi.  Thanks for the Demo Release.  The game's pretty cool and I'm looking forward to the final release if it gets on Steam.  I have run into some minor bugs tho.

1. I tried to skip the second cutscene at the very start of the game very quickly and it gave me a black screen with just the background noise.

2. When I finally complete the Hand Key puzzle, sometimes if I skip through the text too fast I'm stuck on the Puzzle screen with no way to back out.

- Otherwise, thanks for bringing back the nostalgia!

Oh your the first one to report a bug with the skipping cutscenes. That's good to know. I knew there might be some bugs since it was quite a new feature.
The hand key puzzle bug is actually pretty rare. and I tried all kinds of things to make it more stable. But yea it's a really stubborn bug. I might have to reprogram that puzzle part.

I had to put this out here- The game becomes COMPLETELY unplayable should  you map the keyboard controls wrong by mistake. While I was mapping the controls for myself the first time, I managed to make the down button the exit button. So now I cannot change the settings no matter how hard I try. I deleted the game, even deleted all files on my device in correlation to it. Yet it did not reset the controls. So yeah. The game is unplayable on my device now.

I know there are still some bugs in this game but you can press F1+F2 in the title screen. (press it a couple of times to make sure) and then just close the game (alt+f4 if you want to go quick) start it up again, and it should be all reset. sorry for the inconvenience! I hope this helps


Do you plan on putting this on Steam? I don't have a credit card but I have some money in my steam wallet and that's the only way I can support your work, sorry.


yes, the steam page is pending. Still waiting for an answer from Steam.


Considering half of the absolute garbage that *does* get on there, it would be an actual war crime for them to say no to you.


I only saw an option for Paypal which I not have. Whether I can figure out why it is rejecting my email before you have a chance to add the credit card option or not, I will most surely be supporting this very cool concept. I have extremely low vision and I had a blast just as I did with inspirations which really speaks to quality game design that there is absolutely something here for the challenge and enjoyment of all. :-)

Thank you!

I'm glad you liked it! : ) you can support the Kickstarter if you like. It'll be up this friday!

Cuales son los controles del juego??...Porcierto esta genial a primera vista uwu

Default keyboard buttons are:
Arrow buttons: move
Escape: pause menu
Enter: Inventory/equipment menu
Space: Aim/ready weapon/combat mode
Left Ctrl: Action, (shoot when holding Space)
Backspace: back/return
Tab: Swap weapon
Shift: sprint/run fast, (reload when holding space)

I hope this helps. You can still change your buttons in the configuration menu : )




Very interesting game. Hope it makes a release. Worked great + controller support. Thanks for Linux build :)

I'm glad it all worked fine and that you liked it : )
Fullscreen on Linux gives a stretched image, right?

I didn't notice any issues while playing. This is how it looks - 1920x1080

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Yea, Linux doesn't seem to be able to handle 4:3 in fullscreen very well. Will try to fix this when the full version is out.

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+ Good animations 

+ Doll house idea

+ Graphism

+ Smooth, Bugfree

- Sound effects too low (footstep in particular)

- No automatic reload 

- Stick OR pad (I use both... I know i'm weird) 

- Music has a RE1 feeling but I think the VST used feel really too old. Maybe I should try to compose something for you !

- Alisa voice of course... I bet this will be a Kickstarter goal to hire some Fiverr voice actor

- Couldn't find a clue for the last enigm or is this me ? I knew it would be a word that works in every langage, but other than that...

- EDIT : no clue on the map for the locked door like the EYE or the LEFT HAND. This was added in Resident Evil 1 Remake for example.

- Animations will be polished in the final product.
- Some sounds will be renewed but the footsteps are fine to me.
- Automatic reload is a good idea.
- final game might get a wider button customization
- the VST is standard midi, same as what RE1 1996 used. And I have a composer.
- Alisa's voice will be rerecorded. Voice actress will probably stay the same. The community doesn't want the voice to change so yea. If you don't like it, you can turn it off.
- The clue for the letterblock puzzle is very clear in the note on the top floor where you find one of the blocks. It's says it 2 times even in capital letters. and the same in every language.
- I could use different colours for the doors that you can open, but I don't want to hold the player's hand too much.

Good ! Few thing I forgot I was thinking also when playing :

- Some places (stairs in particulars) looks too much like other, maybe fill the room with a memorable element that help differentiate it.

- The doll you pay with wheel could be a boss in the end. More you give him wheels, more he is powerful (a bit like Renon in Castlevania 64)

- More jump-scare/memorable moment. Like when alisa looks into the mirror the reflection could suddently not move like her, and turn into a dark doppleganger (Prince Of Persia 1989 ref here hehe). Then every other mirror in the game would be freaky !

The handpuppet/shop guy's role is already planned out : ) but your idea comes pretty close to it.
And I'm unsensitive to jumpscares. So I often feel cringe about these things. I will see what comes out of the final product.
Note that this is my first real game : P don't put the expectations too high.
I rather improve in later projects than being endlessly stuck on the same thing,

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This demo looks very promising. Hope that this eventually becomes a full game, looks like it could be a fun little throwback to the old-school survival horror games. Personally, I didn't mind the voice acting, Pol was hilarious.

My only issue is that the enemies can stunlock you. I died when the monster in the kitchen knocked me down and kept punching me after I was on the ground.

Otherwise, this is a great demo, good luck with the further development of this game. :)

thanks! I will soon be launching a Kickstarter for this project. So it sure will become a full game : )


I like this style. A nice change from American McGee's / Dark Horse's 'all-nuts' approach. Will totally give it a spit.

Really fun little game!

I did enjoy it, really felt like I was playing a PS1 emulated horror game.

It was a bit of a mix of Resident Evil (location, scenes, graphics, combat...) and Mad Father (story wise). I'm curious to more and see how the story continues!

I have only three points of criticism. What I missed was a quick turn option (unless I missed it!) like in RE games. It made it a bit annoying to deal with certain enemies. Speaking of enemies, the combat felt fair, but I missed a knife or other meelee weapon. Seeing as ammo is so limited or hard to hit (especially the crawling ones), I could not defend myself if I ran out of ammo.

The third issue I had, was there not being a way to save your progress. I nearly finished the demo, got killed by the cook, and had to do it all over again.. maybe some way to save or certain checkpoints would be useful.

Again, maybe I missed certain things, am I playing an older version.. so no real criticism, just some ideas :)

I also made a playthrough video of my experience, hope you enjoy!

That being said, definitely will be following this project and see where it goes!

Good luck!

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I'm glad you liked it : ) there is a quickturn normally. it depends on what version you played ofcourse. the very first versions didn't have it.
Quickturn is by walking backwards and pushing the sprint button. (shift by default on keyboard or Square on the old ps1 controller)
the last update had a function to skip cutscenes so saving isn't really necessary in this small demo. it only takes about 5min to finish it if you know where to go : P
15min if you want to explore a bit. but yea, it all depends ofcourse : ) and there will be melee weapons in the full version. didn't make it into this first demo.

Oh yea and I'm quite familiar with the Souls games : p so that might explain the difficulty.


For the weapon models you should consider other weapons. I'm a scenographer and i can see a different style for those, mainly for that dollhouse/1920s style you are going for. I think you need something strange.

Like this.

it's just an example of what you could add. 

I like this game and i'll give it a go to the Kickstarter when it's ready.

I'm glad you liked the demo. : )
But these weapon might not work very well in this game for a couple of reasons.
- Lore, the weapons weren't made in the dollhouse but they came from outside. The outside world isn't victorian gothic.
- The textures on the guns are roughly 32x32 or 32x64. These small details would become an ugly noise.
But I have to say that there is a weapon (that is not in the demo) that is kind off this style and made inside the dollhouse. But can't spoil too much : )


Oh ok, now i understand. Of course you can't do that kind of decoration on a texture from 90's like games. I remember the first alone in the dark, the revolver is just two poligons.

 Thanks for the reply. 


First of all: man, what a beautiful job we have here! Seriously, great demo! It will be a great game, with a nostalgic aura! Very good!

Second: I'm a Linux guy, but actually I have a PC in dual boot with Windows. I tested the game in both OSs, and I noticed some diffrences in the run. I'm just giving you a feedback.

  • In the Windows version, the game runs in a 4:3 aspect ratio (and I think it's intentional, for nostalgic reasons). The Linux version runs in 4:3 stretched. I don't know if it's a bug or it's a Linux configuration thing.
  • The Linux version won't detected my controller. I've tried a generic one, and a 8BitDo Zero also. None of them worked.

Congratulations for the game! Nice work!

Yea, I don't have a linux pc so I was already happy that the game ran on other people's linux PCs.
And I noticed that some people played on linux and had a stretched screen. I guess that's just how linux treats 4:3 in Unity. The only simple solution is windowed mode. Not sure how Wine does it though, because the demo runs pretty well with Wine on Mac. I had a native mac build before but it didn't want to show the textures but it worked fine using Wine and running the Windows build.
The controller detection is also an issue that some people had, and for other people it just worked. So it really depends on the system I guess. Linux and Mac is still a bit odd : P
But I'm glad you could play it and enjoy it : )


I remember the time that widescreen was a novelty, and even Windows games had problems dealing with it. But was just a matter of upgrading the video drivers to resolve the problem.

I don't know if there is a solution for Linux and Mac in this case. I've tested your game in my PC, which have the Nvidia proprietary drivers installed, and in my notebook, which only have the open source drivers. In both it runs the same way: stretched picture and no controller. That's a shame.

Anyways, thanks for the attention, for the answer and for this awesome demo! I will be waiting for the full release! :D


This was a Pretty good demo. Hope a full game comes out eventually. Was pretty fun yet horrifying. 

great job casper i think the game needed some checkpoints i don't know if it's some glitch because the game closes and opens whenever i die but other than that the game is fantastic

yea, there will be a save system in the full game. Also I might make the cutscenes skippable in a future update so you don't have to watch everything all over again when you die. The reason why it closes and starts up again is because I want to show the logos again and that's programmed a little odd. This will change in the fullgame or maybe an update but it's not a big issue right now.
But I'm glad you liked it : )

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So far Casper Croes´s  Alisa demo promises old school survival horror thrills...And the painful controls of their era as well. 

tank controls ftw ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I love resident evil as a kid, and this brought me way back to the 90s when I first played it. There are certain things that could be improved such as the pc control scheme but appreciate it was built for a controller. Check out my experience below.

Looks amazing but could not even start the game. There was no mouse pointer :(

you don't need a mouse to play it. it's all keyboard controlled. but you say the game doesn't start? Did you get into the menu? or just black screen?

OK, now it started. Just a glitch.

ah that's good : )
There might indeed be a bug that if you click with your mouse when the game enters the menu that it locks up and you can't press anything anymore.


Thank you for your help!

Hi, I'm not the person you replied to, but I am getting a black screen.

I can't play the game. I can hear the game music, and can hear the sound effects on the menu when I move the arrow keys, but no visuals. Just black screen.

can you give me some details on what system you are using? maybe you can try pressing alt+enter, see if it gets into windowed mode, made it'll force it to show something.

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I love it! - I love almost every game which I control a pretty girl from Giana Sisters to Tomb Raider :) This game remembered me to Alone in the Dark which I also loved and played with the female character Emily. :)) I can't wait for the full version 👍

Gona be real, the game has potential, but the fixed camera angles really make it feel difficult and wonky. If the mouse or even controller could be used instead, it would bump the numbers way higher up.

(1 edit) (+1)

but that would make it a different game.
the camera view can simply not be changed because it's a pre-rendered background. these 2 things can simply not be combined.
In case you are not talking about rotating cameras, you can play with controller btw.
Tank controls for now is the only movement option but in the full game I will also introduce directional input compared with the viewpoint of the camera ("modern")

(1 edit) (+1)

Fun game (way better with a controller) really reminiscent of the old RE games.  Will definitely play the full version when it comes out. 

The game seems good, but I found it pretty annoying to play on my keyboard even when I configurated the keys. I guess it's meant to be played on a controller. The voice acting also needs some work, but that depends on the donations. Still, looking forward to the final game.


I know this is really late, but I did play the Valentine's demo awhile ago. 


This was super fun!!! Perfect balance of action, puzzle solving, and suspense. I thought the puppet character was hilarious and adorable, what a fun way to do the purchasing system. Can't wait to buy the full version! 


Thank you very much! ^^ Kickstarter comes soon! : )


I realy love this game when did you are going to post the kickstarter because i definitly want to play the full release XD


Still working on it : ) I want to do everything to make the kickstarter as good as it can be : )


this games fire


Here is my gameplay. Freaking HILARIOUS game lol


My favorite horror game right now. The puppet was my favorite character. 😁

So this is definitely inspired by the games American McGee's Alice and its sequel Alice: Madness Returns, right?


nope. I didn't like those games really XD
My starting point was Resident Evil and Svankmajer's Alice.
But ditched the whole Alice thing and went to more bloodborne vibes later on.
But sure you can still see some Alice left overs.
This game is not a psychological horror game, it's all reality in a fantasy universe.


If in the Kickstarter there will be a way to "buy" a physical edition, i will do it nonetheles


definitely : )


Just played this and omg i love this game. got stuck and didnt know what to do with blocks and after hand key but please do a full release on this it is absolutely amazing. i will have a video of this on my youtube channel for sure

you had 3 blocks? or 2 blocks and the hand key?
The blocks goes into the barricaded door where you found the hand key/puzzle.
You were quite close to finishing the demo : p


yupp i had all 3. dang so close lol. when will you do a full release?

It all depends on the kickstarter, but I guess it will take about a year the make the rest of the game


ahh okay. cant wait for it


if the side said only "Alisa" is would also be nice XD my name is everywhere! XD


im pretty sure i played your game entirely wrong! but i loved it, and wanted to say thanks because it was so strange and enjoyable. i made a recording and wanted to share with you. cheers!


it was funny to watch XD
You know when you aim and the reticle symbol in your hud becomes orange that your shots will hit the enemy right?
Also, you don't have to kill everything : p the big guy is made to ignore and only a person with high skill can kill him.

(+1) i was so misguided.. i can't believe i missed out on so much!!! honestly these tips make a world of difference, in my free time i 'll be practicing for the full release! thank you for watching, ill be following the process!


thanks! yea there where tips before the first battle starts and if you missed it there was a button in the inventory that said "Help" with some useful tips XD but yea it doesn't say that you have to kill everything though.
and no problem : ) 


I like this game. I would love to be the first to play the full game its that good.


This game really nails the classic survival horror feeling of Resident Evil. I can't wait for further development! My only criticism would be guns feel like toys (maybe thats the point?) as there's no kickpack when firing. 

oh yea, the knockback recovery time of the pistol is waaay shorter than in resident evil. Which makes it look a little weaker.
But compared to real life, there is quite a lot of recoil for such a small pistol.


I finally got a video on the first demo out on my YouTube channel!

I'm watching it live now XD


Ok, it was all prerecorded.

yea I was a bit confused. It felt like a livestream XD


I don't livestream on my YouTube because not many watch. I just have been able to pre record a lot of videos lately with all this social distancing going on in the world.

ah I see : )


This game does not work at all.

it doesn't start? are you using windows or linux?

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