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Alisa is a classic late-90s style horror-themed action adventure game set in a fantasy universe inspired on the 1920s. You play as an Elite Royal Agent called Alisa. While she is chasing a wanted criminal, she ends up in an old victorian mansion. She tries to find a way out while being haunted by materialized/mechanized doll-like humanoids. Can you survive the Dollhouse?

The Awakening Demo is the first public demo of Alisa.

Get the full version: https://caspercroes.itch.io/alisa
Or on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1335530/Alisa

System requirements:
The game easily runs on older hardware.
Minimum (tested) System Requirements:
Ram: 2GB (lower is not tested)
GPU: Any Video Card compatible with DirectX 10
CPU: Intel Duo Core Mobile T7500 (lower not tested)
Anything higher than the specifications above will absolutely work.

Extra Info:
If you connect a controller, don't forget to setup the buttons in the Button Config menu (in-game)
If something goes wrong with your settings, press F1 + F2 at the main screen (new game, settings, quit) and quit the game and restart is again to reset everything to default settings.

Interesting Links:
You can join the Discord: http://discord.gg/p89JtUq
Follow game development progress on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CasperCroes
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alisagame.exe/
Website: http://www.caspercroes.com/


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Alisa Demo v1.43 (Windows).zip 54 MB
Alisa Demo v1.43 (Linux).zip 72 MB
Alisa Demo v1.43 (MacOS).zip 59 MB

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I just had to feature this game on Game Breaker. I think I will pick it up for a full gameplay too. 

No way of exiting the weapons upgrade screen if you cannot afford a purchase.

you are playing the demo? if you mean the shop, just push the cancel button

I love such retro style games!! ✌✌✌✌

Absolutely LOVE this game! Definitely had to buy the full game. Love these classic tank control RE type games, and this one is definitely the better ones that are out there. 


This was AWESOME!  I have wishlisted it on Steam and as soon as I can spare twenty bucks it's going in my library.

This game is awesome and very reminiscent of puppet combo games or the resident evil series.


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I downloaded this game as soon as I found it was out, and I reached the credits over a couple of sessions.

Casper Croes should be very, very proud. Sometimes when a game is a throwback, it's very shallow, clearly just so that the trailer can make dummies like me buy the game. Alisa is clearly the result of someone who loves the classics that defined the survival horror genre, and more importantly understands what makes such games so striking. The world is carefully planned, the camera angles are cool and dramatic (SOMETIMES they're a little distant from the player), the FMV cutscenes are authentically rendered and placed.

The flow of the game is very clever and natural, a good combination of the criss-cross navigation of the first early Resident Evil games, while each wing of the house also act like thematically contained zones that fit in the larger world, the way the early Silent Hill games split up each area.

The story is largely swathed in mystery with the only clues being the few documents you read and characters you meet. Some might like a denser plot and it may feel too much like "just a haunted house", but I actually appreciate the light touch. The sights, sounds, and tone do plenty of work. Even then, it's a VERY fun haunted house. There are a number of unique enemies made for particular rooms that are quite a shock when you meet them.

Despite the familiar tank controls, the gameplay loop feels more unique than its inspiration. Including currency introduces a new incentive for fighting enemies and investing in gear. I often had to weigh the reward for defeating enemies with the effort to defeat them, along with the resource I'd use in the process. I didn't sit down and do the math to figure out how well planned it all is, but it's definitely interesting to think about while playing.

The player inventory is largely unlimited, so there's no worry about avoiding medkits or ammo you come across. On the flip side, you can ONLY carry two weapons with you, until you can switch them out at a safe room. I think it's a good way of emulating the resource management of the genre classics without being so anxiety-inducing.

And a big, important disclaimer: this game is HARD. There is definitely an expectation that you've played games like this before, and that you can run, escape, and aim efficiently. There was only one boss that didn't brutally kill me on my first encounter. I can't currently imagine anyone having an especially great time unless they played a game like this in the 90s, or are themselves invested in the history of the genre. Still, those people might enjoy watching someone play it! My wife had a blast watching me play it.

I'm excited to see how this game looks after subsequent updates. I'll definitely revisit it. Thank you for this refreshing trip to the past, Casper Croes.


Wow! this is a beautiful review!
I'm happy to read a long review that for once didn't cover all the problems that came with the launch.
I indeed had to mention the high difficulty level since a part of the game is inspired by Bloodborne (brutal difficulty/dying a lot and the way of story telling)
The story might seem a little vague and definitely needs explanation.
But the story is scattered around within the small details. While the ending (end extra future endings) keeps things open for a sequel.

Thank you very much for playing and your review! ^^


lol sorry for putting this on the demo, I meant to put it on the full game!

aah no problem! : D thank you!

Hi I'm trying to play with my Xbox One controller but when I press buttons or go into the button configuration settings it nothing but the keyboard seems to work, am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Thank you in advance, I'm excited to play your game!

in the button mapping menu> press enter, when it shows "..." press the button on the controller you want to link.
Do this for all the buttons. Normally this should work.


It works! Thank you so much for your help! :D


iam really proud of you. you are better then Capcom because they make horro games with mordern Graphics. and its looks childish. retro horro games looking creepy because of the Graphic itself. i finally can play a horro Game Thanks. please reply if you readed my compliment 

Thanks you! : D

Imagine Alisa wearing a S.T.A.R.S. uniform


will the full game have save states?

Saves, yes : )

bastante interesante, un juego con una estética bizarra pero agradable, enemigos interesantes y sobre todo la ambientación muy bien lograda. quizás una ligera escases de balas, pero supongo que se puede arreglar. sin duda alguna un juego que compraré cuando salga. 


Excellent game! The setting is great, the enemies have a very cool design but above all the soundtrack is amazing, the track of the room where Poll appears is great! add Spanish subtitles for all those who do not master the language, hopefully you can add the Spanish language to the complete game.

Gameplay Complete here.

Thank you very much! ^^
Spanish will come to the game. Maybe not on launch but surely in an update in the first month(s) of release : )

Wow! Splendid thank you very much, and one last question the soundtrack can be obtained by spotify? or where could I hear it? is that I really love and I am fascinated by the subject of Pol's room.

(1 edit)

You can currently listen to the demo soundtrack here: 

After the launch, I will update this playlist with all the songs of the full game. : )

Edit: this link doesn't seem to support playlists on youtube, so you can just go to this youtube channel and find the music/playlist : )


Thank you very much the soundtrack is fantastic, I send you my regards. 🖐🖐🖐

Deleted 103 days ago

Some are. Alisa will also be sold here on release.
But itch games doesn't support DLC so that's why most devs go for Steam.
And since Alisa might get some small DLC in the future, it's better to buy it on Steam if you'd be interested in that.

Deleted 103 days ago

Excelente juego, estare al pendiente de la versión final, un miy excelente trabajo. 


This game is SO well made i cant wait for a full release 

Thank you very much! ^^

A playthrough

Truly Epic can't wait until the full release.

Thanks! : D


I had a few issues with the menu navigation and game's button mapping, but otherwise this was solid! I'm really looking forward to more! beautiful style, art, music, and general vibe

Fantastic demo. It’s very authentic to the era, but has its own originality that keeps it fresh. I’m very excited to see the full game released. I’m a game developer too and I’ve often toyed with the idea of making my own 3D survival horror in this style so you serve as great inspiration for that. Any advice you can share?

thanks! I'm glad I can be great inspiration to you! : )
I don't have a lot of advice other then saying that I use Unity and Blender (for 3d assets)
And try not go for the "easy way" or "lazy way" like some tutorials on youtube would show. (in case you want to go for such 3D graphics) : )


This game is actually a ton of fun and I'm really glad to see this classic style of survival horror done justice. I can't wait for that September release! Have you considered the inclusion of Japanese voice acting with Eng subs? I'm super down to have that included with the game if possible! If you'd rather watch than play, check out my experience here: 


Actually, there were plans to include that indeed (Japanese dub)
Since the voice of Alisa is done by a native Japanese person. (my girlfriend XD)
So the main characters in the game would stay the same actor/actress.


That's awesome man! I hope it comes but definitely no issue if it can't be done. I'm super excited to hear some more from Pol, the voice acting from him is excellent and hilarious too. There's a lot of fun to be had in Alisa and I can't wait for that September release :)

hehe thanks! : D Yea can't wait to have it all finished!


I couldn't use a medkit; it somehow got eaten up in the menu when I pressed x instead of Start
I'll post a video later

hmm that's odd. I'm curious what happened there.


Just curious: is there some in-story reason for Alisa looking a lot like Lewis Carroll’s “Alice”, or is it a style choice?

I rather like the look actually :)

Hmm there is actually no in-story reason. She just has "doll clothing" but the game was at the start inspired by Svankmajer's Alice, so this look kind of stayed  eventhough I moved away from making an Alice game : p


Ah, I see. I didn’t know about that film, but now I can see what you mean, and how it inspired the game :)


I totally forgot to leave my thoughts about this game last year! I played it in May of 2020, so I'm sure some things have changed. I absolutely loved the gameplay and atmosphere in this game! It reminded me of classic Resident Evil immediately. The block puzzle was really tough but satisfying after completing it! I love tough puzzles. Also, the character designs are awesome! I am very interested in the lore of this whole dollhouse and more about Alisa's past. Very well done, Mr. Croes! Here is part 1 of a 2-part series I did! 

Thank you! it sure has been a while! The full game should be finished in just a couple of months.
Then maybe you can continue your playthrough series! ;)

Thanks for providing the demo. Will you consider (as some devs have done for the racial justice bundle) to provide full release when available to Palestinian Aid supporters?


I had this question before, and I can't really do that. I'm a starting dev and would be financially troublesome and it would be unfair to the Kickstarter backers who had to pay at least 15euro. (which is the full game price)


Best of luck with the game development regardless


thank you! : )


Amazing game. I love the creepy atmosphere and the design of the enemies. As a huge fan of horror games like these, please give the option to have analog controls as well as tank controls. I'm terrible at tank controls and it ruins the immersion when I struggle to even just face the item I'm trying to click on. The aim controls could still works as is, I would just like to move around more intuitively. 

Also please have the option to have the Shoot and run button each be their own buttons rather than forced to be paired with the action button and reload button respectively. I want to be able to aim with the right shoulder button and then shoot with the left shoulder button. But then that would make my "click on this" action button be the left shoulder button which is not ideal. 

These are just nitpicks though and overall, this game is absolutely stunning! I can't wait to play the full game. Thank you for reading and making this. 


I'm glad you liked it! and the other control type (camera direction based movement) will be in the full version.
And the controller/buttons/input system will be renewed in the full version as well. Thanks for the idea of separate buttons for different actions. : ) Will be easy to implement when the new system is there.


Got to say I am impressed with how much fun I had playing this demo and I can't wait for this project of yours to be completed.

Though I do have a few questions, if you don't mind me asking.

Q1: if you had a name for each of the clockwork dolls what are the current ones called?

Q2: and will there be hidden lore behind all of this within the doll house?


I'm happy that you enjoyed the demo! : )

There was some extra lore per monster type and items that you can read in the Easter Demo (last year Easter).
You could collect easter eggs and every egg comes with a 3D model that you can check in and "extras" tab in the main menu.
This feature will probably return in the full game : )
You can see some of the models and descriptions in the video below.
The person who made this video didn't press "Action" when the model was selected to see it in full screen and control the camera around it.



wow! that's an ancient version you played! XD
I hope you didn't encounter too many bugs.

A #game that has greatly reminded me of the first #Alone in the #Dark, which by the way was the first game that managed to give me a bad roll. I have been wanting to see what is behind the door.


When You play a game you love so many times you don't care that you lose.

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Hey uh Mr.Croes. Is there any special Demo Downloaded of the Valentine's Day Season Pack For Alisa?Which is similar to the demo version of the Christmas ,and Easter Seasoned demo pack? or a way to look for those demo season pack specials in the feed or log? Or Are Those Limited Too ? Augh!!


hey! sorry I completely forgot about valentine this year... :/ I thought about it yesterday and it was too late to start making it XD
Sorry : / but nothing to worry about, you didn't miss anything : )


im inloved with your game. i want more of this, i cant wait to buy the full game <3

i would donate to you but i lost my job lastly, hope you finish the game soon.


I will try to finish it asap : )


Absolutely amazing game! Day 1 buy for me.


thank you! :D


Will This game actually Come out on May 31st 2021?


I'm still trying. Currently in crunch for the past 3 months.
But I'm not so sure of it. I might have to delay it until September.

(1 edit) (+3)

Hello sir, loving the Demo so far. But I have a problem. When configuring the options, I accidently made all the controls the "Enter" button. I know, I'm dumb. Now I can't do specific things. I've deleted and re-downloaded the game (once with the same version and once with the Christmas version). But and stays the same. I was wondering if there is a way to fix this? Thank you for your time.


startup the game and when you are in the menu press F1+F2 (a couple of times times to make sure it registered it) then quit the game or press Alt+F4 to do it quick. Then startup the game again and it should be all back to default.
Enjoy! tell if there is some other problem : )


Thank you so much! You have a wonderful day :)

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Mr Croes I don't mean to complain yet there's a problem I've encountered during the gameplay demo of this very exquisite Unity based 3rd person Steampunk Horror Action game. It's that when you run into that giant fat robot or "Doll Eater" as you call it and (supposingly ) eventually defeat him when you try to acquire all the Toothwheels after he falls down, it's very hard and perplexing at certain times to get all the toothwheels (at least I would believe 14). There's also hidden toothwheels in the sink.  But I still managed to get more than often 6 toothwheels .  The Doll Eater keeps getting stuck often solid to the ground, and quite hard to push him.


This big guy drops 10 toothwheels.
Normally it wouldn't be such a problem to get them all. but there could be times that 1 or 2 of them are beyond reach.
You say you get stuck on the ground? You mean that you get punched and can't get up on time until you get hit by another punch?
The sink gives you 3 toothwheels.
But I'm glad you like the game : ) this enemy is just an optional mini boss kinda creature. you don't have to fight it to proceed.
It's a tricky challenge.

(9 edits) (+1)

No what  I mean by stuck to the ground when after the Doll Eater gets killed or turns pale or grey.  Of course I've been killed by the Big guy a number of times yet all you have to do is shoot him the face if you can. It's hard to get the Toothwheels from the enemy. You can't move him and or acquire all but it's up to you  to decide how the game is planned. You control the action. Yes I know there's three toothwheels in the sink. The game like the early Resident Evil Franchise and the predecessor Alone In The Dark, has you searching for items in hidden places. Then You Take the Toothwheels to Pol and if You get 12 of them you can get Alisa's "Combat Gear" . Which the outfits and attire have different "status reliefs" or advantages like defense, stealth (The initial blue teal dress) etc.)

   I should show a video of what happens later on. With the issue. If consider this one.
But  you're right now that I remember it is 10 toothwheels I just remember to save my toothwheels. I mean I've played this game several times and I think this is the only game I find anticipating more than any other this year. 

  I mean I saw A no commentary YouTube channel play this game and instantly I've never seen anything so 90's fashioned or steampunk with an extra bit of history in there.

  Otherwise If only I had a chance to donate on Kickstarter.


thanks! : ) well, I might tweak it later on a bit so you can always get all of the toothwheel from him. maybe I'll make his deadbody collision smaller so you can kinda walk through it. This might do the trick : )
I'm happy you enjoy the game so much. And yea the Kickstarter is over but follow me on itch.io or twitter or instagram because there can always be something similar to Kickstarter in the near future. Since people are often asking about it : )


I'm back :P - here's my video about the Christmas Edition Demo, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE.


we enjoyed the game alot so far, got a little lost at times, hopefully we can have a part 2 and even more cool stuff! 


  Very good demo, I get huge nostalgia playing games like this since I loved the old resident evils. Great job!

Thank you! : D

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