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Alisa is a classic late-90s style horror-themed action adventure game set in a fantasy universe inspired on the 1920s. You play as an Elite Royal Agent called Alisa. While she is chasing a wanted criminal, she ends up in an old victorian mansion. She tries to find a way out while being haunted by materialized/mechanized doll-like humanoids. Can you survive the Dollhouse?

The Awakening Demo is the first public demo of Alisa.

System requirements:
The game easily runs on older hardware.
Minimum (tested) System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP or higher
Ram: 2GB (lower is not tested)
GPU: Any Video Card compatible with DirectX 9
CPU: Intel Duo Core Mobile T7500 (lower not tested)
Anything higher than the specifications above will absolutely work.

If you want to play it on Mac: download the Windows version and use Wine to play it.

Extra Info:
If you connect a controller, don't forget to setup the buttons in the Button Config menu (in-game)
If something goes wrong with your settings, press F1 + F2 at the main screen (new game, settings, quit) and quit the game and restart is again to reset everything to default settings.
Press F3 to swap between windowed mode and fullscreen.

Interesting Links:
You can join the Discord: http://discord.gg/p89JtUq
Follow game development progress on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CasperCroes
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alisagame.exe/
Website: http://www.caspercroes.com/

Updated 1 day ago
Published 22 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
AuthorCasper Croes
GenreAdventure, Action
Tags3D, 90s, Female Protagonist, Horror, Low-poly, PSX, Retro, Third Person, Unity


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Alisa Demo (Linux) v1.23.zip 64 MB
Alisa Demo (Windows) v1.23.zip 46 MB

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I had to play through wine as the mac version wan't working correctly (Which i see you now have removed), but this was fantastic, i loved the atmosphere and the visuals. Just 2 things, I don't love the enemy placement in the first floor, there are way to many enemies, and I wish you could implement an auto aim system for the combat as right now it feels a bit luck based when you'll line your shots correctly and when not, particularly because the turn speed is kinda' slow. Still great little demo, can't wait for an eventual full release (I imagine you are still pretty far from that) and a working mac port. 

I will indeed make changes to the combat for the full version.
A mac port might not come for this demo anymore. It worked better with Wine. So that's where I leave it for now.

If I download the current version, does the file get updated every time you add an update? Or is it that I have to redownload the game for every update there is? Also, any idea when the full game will be out?

you have to redownload the newer version. But I won't be updating the demo so frequently anymore.
Maybe only 1 update to go, for 2 small bugs.
But for now, v1.23 is the last.
I'm aiming to finish the full game 1 year from now. So first quarter of 2021. I'm planning to run a kickstarter soon and it all depends on the success of this. If I don't make it, the release might take longer because I won't have the resources to work on it fulltime.


Like others, I made this account just for comment here. I loved this demo!                 I can't wait to play the fullgame, I never played a game like this before and it is incredible. Congratulations from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!


Loads of Alone in the Dark vibes here! 

Wonder where RE got its influence from... 🤔

"During production, Mikami discovered Alone in the Dark (1992), which influenced him to adopt a cinematic fixed-view camera system." 

So I guess Alisa is a Alone in the Dark inspired game! : p
I played Alone in the Dark before playing RE games though.


I think this game is combination from Resident evil 1, and clock tower.
Awesome!! for user who have problem with controller, here I share my controller setting that may suit for you too. 


Took me a few moments to configure controller input but once I got that I actually enjoyed the game, well done, it has a lot to offer, I'd assume it's inspired by old RE games. Controlls well, beautiful visuals, a lot fo thought went into presentation, like cutscenes, even the intro animation before you get to the menu.

Well done so far, looking forward to see more!


This game is really, really great! As a big fan of the original Resident Evil games, I could see the influences and enjoyed them all! 

Amazing work, I will definitely be buying the full version when it's released!

Here's my play through for those interested:


This was awesome. I hope the full release isn't far because I WANT IT! I recorded a video of it for youtube. 


Maaaan you made me relive the 90s!!! What a dope game!!! Great job on this one!!!

does it work with an Xbox controller 


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I found a bug that if you aim right after going through a door you can't use the action button (open doors or go through the stairs) and enter in any menu (the inventary or settings) but you can still walk and shoot.

The only way I found to fix it was to try go through the stairs, and then I was able to open the menu again, but if you go to a room without stairs you'll have to re-open the game because you can't open doors.

(I had to re-play it 2 times but was able to find the cause of the bug) 

There is a bug too that you can't configure the walking buttons (I wanted to use wasd to walk)

Really liked the game, keep it up.

Thanks for the bug report! I will fix this as soon as I can! : )

What are the MacOS requirements?

Also I've noticed that it doesn't play on MacOS Catalina, however, whenever I play on MacOS Mojave, the textures for the characters don't load. They're just pure white/gray. 

Could anyone please assist me with this? Thanks!

Mac version doesn't really work. I should remove it.
The only way to play it correctly on Mac is by downloading the Windows version and playing it through Wine Emulator on Mac. This seems to work correctly.

Gave it a go...

Man this game looks really awesome! Too bad it seems I can't play it though because when I start it the game shows in my task manager like the game is on and booted but nothing happens. I'm guessing it's an OS version issue. I'm on windows 10

Version    10.0.18362 Build 18362. The pics give me a Clock Tower 2 vibe with the dolls  and what not hehe. You guys nailed the 32 bit asthetic :D

odd, it works perfectly on my windows 10 pc. Do you have the same problem with other games? or games made with the unity engine?

(3 edits) (+1)

Thanks for the reply Casper :D I actually did get it to work. It was on my pc's end as I suspected since I seen no one else with the same issue. I simply uninstalled the last Win 10 update that my pc automatically did, restarted and it works! Unity games always seemed a bit funky for me but they do work :) I know to expect bugs on this demo since there are mentions in the posts but it's fine as this is indie developed and I'm sure they'll be ironed out with time :) You guys absolutely nailed the ps1 asthetic on all fronts with this project though from the character models, pre-rendered backgrounds, music, voice acting. I like how you also took from Fear Effect to let player know when their aim is aligned with enemies since you opted to omit auto aim too! In-game reloading is always a plus as well!

I'm glad it works and that you liked it! ^^
And I'm trying to fix as many bugs as possible with every update. So check the update log on this page from time to time if you want to play without bugs or problems. : )


Oh man that was amazing. Maybe the best survival horror PS1 throwback ever. I love everything about it. 


I can't believe that somebody will make so canonical game. I love it so far. But please make it also on mobile platforms(iOS, Android).


low chance I will ever release it for mobile. but other platforms will most likely get a port.


Thank you for reply! And good luck with the development! :)


When I saw the thumbnail of a YouTube video showcasing this game, it totally fooled me. I really thought it was a PS game that I'd somehow overlooked. And it looks fantastic. Unfortunately I can't seem to get my Xbox 360 controller to work with this game, but playing with the keyboard is fine.

I like the music that plays in Pol's room. The way the character moves reminds me of Silent Hill 1 (floaty) I'm not very good with tank controls, but it wouldn't be the same if they weren't there. I liked the voice acting haha

The spider doll enemies are pretty fast. With my poor skill, I kept getting caught by them lol. But it's funny that I can avoid the normal doll enemies by simply walking away. The block/key puzzle was very easy (for me at least.) Overrall, I didn't experience any bugs.

Good luck with the full game! :)

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Yal already know how great this is, so I'll just go and list the few things I wasn't super keen about as a self-proclaimed tank control horror game god:

I feel as if you and the enemies seemingly not being able to interact on stairs limits some of the fear factor and combat potential, buuuut I totally get it; RE didn't nail allowing everyone to freely move on stairs until RE3, I believe? Even so... it'd be nice...

You already went and added a 180 quickturn which is GREAT; I was just about to complain about that. I can't imagine playing the whole game without one like it's og RE1 or something. Now just add a shortcut button for the map and we perfect :)

Uhhh OH having to examine the pieces of scenery that had healing items tied to them twice was kinda weird; I didn't immediately realize there was an item to pick up until I left the room and later came back.

That's about it! Everything else was everything I'd ever wanted? I loved it.

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I LOVED this. I had so much fun with it and I need to go back to it to get to the Fun House. Is there a way to save it as I'd like to carry on?
Thought the enemies were really unique and cool and the PS1 style horror in the style of Resi Evil and Silent Hill, it all works in the dollhouse setting. When I came out and went back into the game it did freeze on me, other than that it seemed to work fine, though I couldn't get my controller configured for one reason or another. 

This looks so good and look forward to seeing the full game!

Keep up the awesome work!



Hey so I was very excited to try the game out but I have now ran ito some bugs that made the whole demo unplayable. I was trying to change the button settings now I can't get into them and my enter button will go into settings then boot me out. Plus I can no longer select items. Any help is appreciated and really hope the game gets a full release.

if you mess up the button config you can always press F1+F2 at the main menu screen and quit the game. then start the game again and everything should be set to default.


:D Dark strange game))) cool

I made an account just to tell you how great the demo was! There is something about low-poly models with basic prerendered that create an atmosphere that modern games cannot replicate. On top of that, the art direction and music is on point!

I am having a problem with the demo not displaying textures for 3D models. I'm unable to complete the block puzzle as a result since I can't see what's written on them. I'm using a Mac. Is this is common problem?

Wac is a problem. I heard from another Mac user that you can play the Windows version on Mac using Wine Emulator. This seems to work better than the real Mac version of Alisa.


Thanks. I'll try that!


I made an account just to write this comment. I first saw this game played on YouTube, then I had to play it for myself. I love the style, as I'm a huge fan of 90's games like this. I will be following the development of the full game for sure. I'm more excited to see the full release of Alisa than I have been for any game in a really long time.

If you need any additional voice acting, I'd be happy to record some lines free of charge.

i can't remap the d-pad to asdw, the other buttons i can remap.

wasd doesn't work indeed.
Maybe I'll make it an option in a later update.

Deleted 4 days ago

I don't have a lot of experience with Linux. But I think if Alisa game gives the error, it will do it for other Unity games too. You should look it up why it's doing it for Unity games in general. Maybe someone put up a sollution on the internet.
But atleast you could play it with Wine : )

I am currently playing the demo on Linux (Debian 10 Buster) with no issues, I just needed to make the file "Alisa Demo.x86_64" executable with chmod +x command, after that I just open the file by double clicking from the file manager (Dolphin on KDE). Are you running the game from a path under the root user home directory (like /root/Downloads)? (That's what it seems from the output you posted) That can be a problem with graphical applications on Linux

(1 edit)

my distro "Puppy Linux" is a only ROOT user :) :(

i go try run as non-root user here...

edit: on puppy i try run as normal user.

# run-as-spot ./Alisa\ Demo.x86_64

give the same... if i run with video disabled

# ./Alisa\ Demo.x86_64 -nographics

the game work (only the audio), i found some topics with unity3d's games don't found some gpus on some systems i'm done.

i go continue run on Linux using Wine. runs perfect <3

on future, i go donate.

i love classic style survival horror games <3


Great demo!!! I'm a huge classic survival horror fan and this demo really felt like playing RE1. Keep the good work, I can't wait to see more.

Hello I have run into several bugs that made the game unplayable for me. The first is that the game softlocks when I check the wardrobe, and after I talked to the merchant I was unable to shoot my gun. Also

I'm working on a fix now.


Hello! I know that this will sound a bit out there but if you are ever in the need of voices I can put in some free voices. Also, the game is FUN-OMINAL! Ok I will stop with the puns.

(1 edit) (+1)

I legit made an account to write this, This game, for as short as it is, is amazing. It'd dripping with personality and charm. Oozes creepiness especially with headphones and a darkened room. And whenever you can see your aiming reticle light up indicating you are aiming at something you can shoot adds tension and fear when you can't see what it is you are shooting. Big props to you Casper Croes and I hope we get more information soon, I will be looking out for it for sure. Keep up the good work!

PS. Played my last attempt (the one where i finally beat it (that big guy in the kitchen was a nightmare)) in nothing but the leotard and honestly, that's just fucking excellent, lewdness levels exceed expectations!

Thanks for the kind comment! ^^


While playing, when I went into the bathroom I couldn't see her. I could hear the sound of footsteps when walking. Left the bathroom and it went back to normal.

I saw someone on youtube play this and immediately had to get it! I absolutely love games with this sort of theme, graphics, everything. My PS4 controller worked perfectly as well! I was extremely surprised(and still am!) with how the game doesn't have any sort of lag! Usually almost any sort of game lags on my laptop(as it's a few years old at least). No FPS drop or anything! Almost wept tears of joy. I'm so glad I got to experience this.

Yes, there is such a bug that you sometimes appear behind a door. This will be fixed soon. But I'm glad it didn't stop you from having fun ^^
I put a lot of work in optimizing the game. It runs on my 10+ years old laptop aswell : p so any pc will run this : )

I have an Xbox controller and for some reason I am never able to configure it for some reason. Is this a bug? 

Can you help me?

it should work. Is your controller working in other games or programs?
You can navigate in the button config with the arrow buttons on the keyboard and pressing enter to ready-assign a button on your controller.
This is normally no bug that prevents from using a controller. In case you are using Mac, this might be a problem because the mac version is extremely broken at some points.


Thank you! My game works now! I love it!!

hi my name is Emily I have some ideas for this game if you’re interested this sought of game is the sought of stuff I love if you want some ideas I would be happy to help (I’m not an amazing drawer but I’m okay on blender) and if you need a voice actress I would be happy to give it a go email me at gothqueen16402@gmail.com 

Playing on mac via PS4 controller, movement not working at all.

How can I fix this?

The game won't recognize that I have a Xbox 1 controller plugged in either :( I think it only works for PS3 and 360 ones

it should normally work. but the mac version is extremely broken.
in case you want to try playing it on mac, you can always try playing with the Wine Emulator and playing the windows version. I heard it worked better at some points but not sure about the controller compatibility. XboxOne and Xbox360 controllers use the same driver. so you should also check if the Xinput drivers are installed. (if it exists for mac)

I fixed the problem. I was testing it out in a sandbox and it was causing the issue. After I tested outside of it the controller worked :) The only thing I ran into after that was the up/down aiming bug but that has been mentioned by others on here

I see : ) just install the latest version of Alisa Demo. It should be fixed.


Youtuber Jacksepticeye just post a 3 Scary Games with this game in it and man it looks good! Keep up the amazing work Casper :)

yes, it was an amaxing video! : D

(1 edit)

Apparently there's a bug that makes you invisible. When you go in front of the mirror in the bathroom, go into the start screen and try using your key. it will make a message saying "Can't use it here." Without letting that message disappear, go into your start menu again and try using the key again. this interaction interferes with the interaction with the mirror and when Alisa comes off the mirror, it turns her invisible. Don't ask me why, I'm able to do it consistently on my game. you can reverse this by trying to use the key a third time.

Also, if you click on the mirror, you will get the message saying "I don't look so good." Immediately after Alisa comes off the mirror (before the camera pans over), open up the start menu and click on items. spam the back button until that same message passes through. Yes, it will pass through even though you are looking at your items. then hit the action button twice to try using the key. Alisa should be leaning over the mirror. The difference is you can move her around in that pose. You can go through doors and even shoot your gun in that pose.It looks funny by the way. 

There was also something I did with the start menu that let me move around while I was in the menu. I could go through doors and stuff while in the menu. I don't remember how I did that one though, but it again involved the mirror. 

thanks for the bug report. I will check it out. are you sure you played the last version?
But anyway, version 1.12 has bugged aim up and down. So that'll be fixed in the next version.

(1 edit)

Just checked it, these bugs are not present in current versions. : ) only the aim up and down but that'll be fixed in version 1.13 or higher.


Man, I just played the demo and it's insanely amazing, you guys just made a masterpiece and I want more so badly, can't wait to play the full game!!

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the remake of the first zombie cutscene from Resident Evil 1. Cool little easter egg!

Such a great start to an awesome horror game! I did run into some bugs. 

(1 edit)

I'm losin' my mind over the big guy in the kitchen
P.S. - Mostly because I'm an idiot. :P


Really cool game. I had a little bit of trouble with the controls, which was mostly my fault.

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