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Hmmm, not yet tried the demo, but the screenshots give me the idea the game is a bit inspired by American McGee's version of Alice in Wonderland, yet still different enough not to be regarded a fangame (that "The Doll House" (which is the name of the final grand mission in "Alice: Madness returns"), the name "Alisa" and the dress in the banner give me this idea).

Now I am not really a fan of horror games (especially not when they merely rely on jump scares), but this game does look interesting. I will certainly add this demo to my "Games to play" list, and (no promises yet) hopefully I can go into a more detailed judgment then. ;)

oh it's not inspired on Alice or the horror Alice games : )
it's something completely different and it's not an extreme horror game. It is only horror themed. some parts might be creepy to some people. When I started I thought of Alice meets Resident Evil but threw it overboard very quickly. only the blue dress stayed. if I changed the colour to green or something, it would be 0% Alice : p


Okay, interesting... But I hope you don't blame for having that game springing to mind.
Okay, so when we say horror, it's just to cause some creepy mood, but not really to give me a fright... Now that sounds even more interesting. ;)

yes, so it's not exactly creepy or hae blood and gore, just eerie atmosphere. a bit weird and funny at some points. : )

Perfect... I have a full schedule now, but I'll give this a try as soon as I have the time ;)

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No problem XD
What is Alisona? : p
I wish I could put more tags in it, Mystery is indeed also a good tag.
And yes : ) a friend also gave me that idea of putting those crawlers somewhere in lower dark parts.
In the full version there will indeed be more dark rooms.
Lantern rooms, not sure yet. I have to think of a cool mechanic to make it work well. And not make it look too cheap.
I will soon upload the soundtrack to youtube to stream for free. : )
I also want to make collectables for physical editions and I have 2 cool ideas for possible DLC that add's some extra replayability to the game.
And I'm aiming for around 15$ for the full version : )

And thank you! don't worry : ) game development is my life. if I can do this fulltime, I would be the happiest person in the world : )

Deleted 3 years ago

Howdy! And hello i just wanna say that i really enjoyed playing this game unfortunately i haven't finished the demo just yet but have been enjoying it so far i am glad to see that ps1 style horror is going very strong in the indie community despite not boasting intense graphics yet so far still inflicts that retro horror we all know and love so great job with this i can't wait for this game to be fully released and anything else you guys create, so great job! also i have made a video on this game that also captured a bug in the game which blinds the player with the menu The Problem Starts At 17:12. 

haha I skipped to that bug, I laughed XD did not expect that! but this bugs might be fixed now and the patch will be up by the tomorrow or by the end of the day. I'm glad you liked it : )


I had such a hard time controlling her.  I will definitely have to get a controller to fully play this game! But, I got the hang of it a little bit and of course I made a video =D DUH!  I really liked this game.  It reminded me a little of Rule of Rose which I love.  Digging the graphics as well.  Nice job!

Deleted 3 years ago

Yes there will be different languages in the future and I sure going to bring it to console. Switch is indeed one of those that I want to build for : )

Voices will probably change/re-recorded for the full version.

And thanks for the tag suggestions! Those are indeed better : ) it's my first game so I'm still learning.


To say I loved the game would be an understatement

This feels so close to the old games and gets your imagination going, I'd love to play this as a kid on my PS1, I've made a video about it too (please excuse if I look to excited in the video these games are hard to come by)


Now, that's what I call a perfectly authentic homage to the PS1 era!

Excellent representation of the classic Resident Evil series, from conrols, atmosphere, pre-rendered backgrounds, creepy setting, graphics, and music!

Far better than mine!

Great job, can't wait for the full version:)


just finished the game and my god was it so nostalgic!

i have a few suggestions if you may allow

1) please allow a quick 180 degree turn control just like the RE, i suggest the button combination be run + up or down button to quickly turn

2) the voice acting needs work, but basing from the character model and the picture of the woman in the inventory, i think she is japanese? one suggestion if nailing the accent is challenging, make the game's voice in japanese, i would not mind it at all, and just add some english subtitles.

The quick turn is a very wanted feature by many : ) so I'm adding that in a language update.
The voices will stay like this for the demo until the final release. But we will re-record most voices or find different actors. She is japanese indeed. Same person as the composer. we are just 2 people making this game. so the devs are also the voices : p


please add the japanese voices! i would love it so much! it fully reminds me of the first time i played Resident evil 1 in my PS1 back when i was a kid in japan, thank you!

I will definitely do that! : D

Deleted 3 years ago

1. yes
2. I will make a mechanic to save the game in safe rooms
3. not sure, there will be all kinds of puzzles.
4. since every costume has their own attributes, they should all look a bit different from eachother. but maybe some of your ideas might come close to what I will make. it's hard to say at this point of development.
5. save rooms might be spread like bonfires in darksouls : p because it creates fear
6. maybe there will be 1 occasion where a door breaks by an enemy : ) but it's not planned at a specific place yet.
7. not sure, but at least 2 variations of 1 type. (like 2 pistols, 2 shotguns, etc)


I'm not for the whole tank controls kinda thing nor fixed camera angels but imo you've nailed the ambience, environment, sound and gameplay. Cool. I hope the final release will be a success.

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Amazing work mr Casper, i found this game very nostalgic, its like a combination  of RE1 and Clock Tower II and i f***ing like it. Keep your good work, u're going to be famous and lucrative...

I found some minor bugs on my gameplay:

1.After entering some rooms, Alisa appears behind the door through which she is supposed to enter

2.In some corridors you need to walk a lot so that the camera changes places, to the point where she loses you.

Some constructive requests:

1.could you make the dolls bleed when they were shot?, some kind of white blood or something. The blood should never be lacking in Survival Horrors.

2.The dolls can't go down the short stairs when they chase you, that takes away some realism, Could it be improved?

3.the movements when she goes down the stairs need more polishing.

4.Alisa's voice feels very robotic, as if she were reading a script without accents. A good technique to achieve realism is for the voice actress to imagine being in the situation of what she is narrating.

5.add different death scenes for each enemy of the game, they are usually the impact that triggers greater fear in these games.

that's it, I'm eager to play the final version, keep up the excellent work!!!


RESIDENT EVIL 1 BUT WITH DOLLS!? | Alisa The Awakening

I actually loved this style of game back in the day! It's good to be reminded how bad i am at them too! Haha! :P Great game worth a play!


This was a lot of fun!


This is amazing! Keep up the great work and I can't wait to play more!! 

The trailer reminds me of the first resident evil.  

Can't wait to play it!😀

Hi! Liked a lot the concept of the game, reminds me Alone in the Dark. It didn't run by downloading the zip file in my macOS 10.15.2 Catalina. But I just installed the itch app and trough the app it is running. The skins of the characters are not being rendered:

Keep working! I will want the final version of this game!

I'm currently investigating this bug on mac, I will probably get it fixed by next week : )


Great game, cant wait for the full release!
Deleted 3 years ago

You got some good ideas, some of them will surely be added.
Like the prologue is one of the first things I will start making after the demo is bug free :)
And like ambient sounds couldn't get into the game due to timecontrain.


Overall I really enjoy it quite a bit. There are a few hiccups here and there, but they can be ironed out. I cannot wait for the full version. 

On the stairwell if the enemy is close to it and you are going down it and you try to aim and shoot you'll do the action without the animation you are locked into the descending the stairs animation, it was bizarre.  


ah thanks for telling me, there are some bugs with the stairs but haven't found the exact cause yet. but your explanation will help to pin down where the problemes are hiding : )



A really good nod to survival horror games of the 90's! Loved the little demo, looking forward to seeing more.

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I love it! So well done!  I really enjoyed it and I appreciate that you worked so hard and then shared your art with us!   Please keep working on it cause I want to see where it goes!  If you want to see me play all the way through,  you can check out my video! 


This game was so much damn fun but also very frustrating at the same time, you did an amazing job with this game I look forward to the full game!


Had a lot fun playing this game, I really hope you release a full version of this game. I absolutely loved every moment of it and I was sucked into the game fully. Not many indie games do that and it has my utmost respect. Everyone should try this game to witness how great it is.

also funny that you finished the game without using "sprint" a single time XD


This is a game that both has its own special flavor and takes me back to the old tank-control Resident Evil days.  I can't praise this project enough.  I'm looking forward to seeing a completed version of this game.  Keep up the excellent work.  You've got yourself a supportive following and fans.

Very cool game. I had a blast by playing this game. I reminded me when I played a lot of 90s style games. I like it!


Very cool! Glad it has voice acting! Funny nonsensical wall-guy!


The game definitely had the ps1 era feel to it with great polish to it. I just wish certain functions on the controls were more polished. Otherwise, a really great showcasing of the game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

I watched your video, I heard there were some problems with the ps4 and ps3 controller's d-pad. but the buttons should actually be alright. I see you used "button 0" both for "action" and "run/reload" so that made your playthrough a little tedious I'm afraid.


Ah. That explains it. Still didn't detract from the game. XD


I played with the game!
Following is worrisome!

lovely video! : )


the game reminds me so much of resident evil 1. So far so good! A nice add on the game is the control guide for keyboard users. I randomly clicked my keyboard to find the reload button

Here's a keyboard guide for new players:

arrow keys- move character

ctrl- action/ interact button

Shift- run

Space bar- aim

Space bar + ctrl- shoot

Space bar + arrow keys- aim up/ down/ left/ right

Enter- Menu/ select item

Backspace- exit menu


Whoa, this is all done by you? The utter authenticity on how an early horror title on the playstation 1 would play, designwise, overal feel, and even asthetically on the compression of the FULL MOTION VIDEO CGI cutscenes, the prerendered backgrounds, the early puzzles. It's genuinly like a lost PSX game that I found! The demo so far is full of craftmanship, little touches and details that shows you understand that making one of these is just more than a low resolution and texture warp filter.

I can't wait for the full game. Again, props on making something actually so genuine, this could be saved as a PSX ISO, put on a rom site, and no-one would bat an eye. :)

thank you! ^^ I'm glad you noticed my efforts! took quite a while to make this haha. but I start to find a good routine to make development progress faster. So I will try to finish the whole game in ~1 year from now. but can't promise much. there are always unforeseen difficulties on the road.


This was a thing of absolute beauty and I was genuinely devastated when it ended!! You have fully nailed the aesthetic of the nineties, the controls felt great, and I never felt like I was aimlessly wandering around which was nice! It would have been good for there to have been a few more enemies dotted around but this has got me very excited for a full game!!

lovely video! ^^


This is dripping with PSX Aesthetics, more than any other indie developer I know of, its just unfortunate that I ran into a horrid bug 'Right at the end', major oof! Enemies could be scarier, perhaps they'll get scarier as the game progresses further and further so they look less human? :p

yea there are still some problematic bugs around. I will try to fix all of them asap.
but your video was really amazing : )
Do you think we should look for other people to do the voice acting?
Alisa's voice was done by the composer, she is indeed Japanese. she's a little worried about it because she didn't like her voice acting.
and yea, I'm just one guy that did the rest of the game and doing the voice of that puppet called Pol.
Really low-budget game development : p


If it's low-budget you could always have funny cameos of people in the indie horror industry, giving supporting roles if any voice will do xD But, otherwise, I'd not find myself in any position to say if what you've got going for you is opportune or not. It's your vision and project :P


I loved it, you and Arisa did a nice job ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Show post...


you came all the way back to the first battle just to die? funny video XD

Show post...

yes ;D i like die hahahahah da,m --- but please make version console ..i am working tester for lobby game console :D ..good lucky :* hope arrived console dont miss give me key ahahahahhah

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Incredibly interesting game!

The demo did a good job showing off the capabilities of the game and its potential, had me hooked from start to finish and it didn't feel slow at all!

Now I'm not a professional in the matter, but I'll give my opinion nonetheless, here's some (but not all) pros : 

-Level design is superb and just as good as the aesthetic (Which I felt was spot on too);

-Game really does run fine on older hardware, as advertised (Got a steady 170 fps on a 5 year old laptop with 3GB of Ram and a fairly old graphics card);

-The game has its charm, both Alisa and Pol are very intriguing characters;

-Controls customization, need I say more?;

-Easy to understand inventory system and generally good UI.

Overall a project worth following for a while and possibly support, only complaint is that I ran into a bug which prevented any kind of interaction, from opening doors to inspecting items, fixed it by opening and closing the inventory but could not successfully replicate the bug to give further info.

Also hoping this gets some translations.

Good luck with developement and happy birthday, giving all my support from italy :)

Good evening!
I am a Japanese game player.
I can't understand English very well and can't solve the gimmick of the cube
Could you give me any hints?

in the note upstairs it says "house of fun"
"F U N" is the answer


Thank you very much.

I was translating sentences on Google.

However, I couldn't understand the sentence "House of Fun" because it wasn't translated as "House of Fun."

Thank you very much.

This game is a very interesting game!

どういたしまして。: ) I'm planning multiple languages, Japanese is one of the main featured languages.
but it will be 関西弁


I am very happy to add Japanese.
Japanese players are very grateful because even if the translation is a little different, it will be easier to understand.
We look forward to playing this game in Japanese.

Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it but the controls is really annoying i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

hey, it was fun to watch! and you can fully customize your controls in the menu. and it plays better with a controller.


Alisa is the most accurate recreation of PSX aesthetic in any indie games in the recent years, superb work !

Thanks! ^^ I'm glad you noticed my efforts hehe :)

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