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This was super fun!!! Perfect balance of action, puzzle solving, and suspense. I thought the puppet character was hilarious and adorable, what a fun way to do the purchasing system. Can't wait to buy the full version! 


Thank you very much! ^^ Kickstarter comes soon! : )


I realy love this game when did you are going to post the kickstarter because i definitly want to play the full release XD


Still working on it : ) I want to do everything to make the kickstarter as good as it can be : )


this games fire


Here is my gameplay. Freaking HILARIOUS game lol


My favorite horror game right now. The puppet was my favorite character. 😁

So this is definitely inspired by the games American McGee's Alice and its sequel Alice: Madness Returns, right?


nope. I didn't like those games really XD
My starting point was Resident Evil and Svankmajer's Alice.
But ditched the whole Alice thing and went to more bloodborne vibes later on.
But sure you can still see some Alice left overs.
This game is not a psychological horror game, it's all reality in a fantasy universe.


If in the Kickstarter there will be a way to "buy" a physical edition, i will do it nonetheles


definitely : )


Just played this and omg i love this game. got stuck and didnt know what to do with blocks and after hand key but please do a full release on this it is absolutely amazing. i will have a video of this on my youtube channel for sure

you had 3 blocks? or 2 blocks and the hand key?
The blocks goes into the barricaded door where you found the hand key/puzzle.
You were quite close to finishing the demo : p


yupp i had all 3. dang so close lol. when will you do a full release?

It all depends on the kickstarter, but I guess it will take about a year the make the rest of the game


ahh okay. cant wait for it


if the side said only "Alisa" is would also be nice XD my name is everywhere! XD


im pretty sure i played your game entirely wrong! but i loved it, and wanted to say thanks because it was so strange and enjoyable. i made a recording and wanted to share with you. cheers!


it was funny to watch XD
You know when you aim and the reticle symbol in your hud becomes orange that your shots will hit the enemy right?
Also, you don't have to kill everything : p the big guy is made to ignore and only a person with high skill can kill him.

(+1) i was so misguided.. i can't believe i missed out on so much!!! honestly these tips make a world of difference, in my free time i 'll be practicing for the full release! thank you for watching, ill be following the process!


thanks! yea there where tips before the first battle starts and if you missed it there was a button in the inventory that said "Help" with some useful tips XD but yea it doesn't say that you have to kill everything though.
and no problem : ) 


I like this game. I would love to be the first to play the full game its that good.


This game really nails the classic survival horror feeling of Resident Evil. I can't wait for further development! My only criticism would be guns feel like toys (maybe thats the point?) as there's no kickpack when firing. 

oh yea, the knockback recovery time of the pistol is waaay shorter than in resident evil. Which makes it look a little weaker.
But compared to real life, there is quite a lot of recoil for such a small pistol.


I finally got a video on the first demo out on my YouTube channel!

I'm watching it live now XD


Ok, it was all prerecorded.

yea I was a bit confused. It felt like a livestream XD


I don't livestream on my YouTube because not many watch. I just have been able to pre record a lot of videos lately with all this social distancing going on in the world.

ah I see : )


This game does not work at all.

it doesn't start? are you using windows or linux?

Any possibility of adding keyboard/mouse controls? I would love to play but don't have a controller for my computer.

Keyboard works. Try to close then re-open the game.

keyboard buttons is there by default. they are a little bit confusing but they are there:
- Arrow buttons to walk
- Ctrl = action
- Space = Aim
- Shift = reload/sprint
- Enter = inventory menu
- Esc = pause menu
- backspace = return/cancel

These buttons are already set up. just start the game and play with these


Thanks mate, looked like it bugged out the first time I opened it, after reopening, the keys are now working. Will post back once I complete the demo!

no problem : ) it happens. Glad I could help and have fun!

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Awesome! It's really like classic Resident Evil! Thanks for making this game!

Can you make another whiter skin and make her face look like in Alice Madness Returns? (video below is not mine)

Also can you make the enemy grab you when you get attacked? Like the zombies in RE do? Strangle, bear hug, latch (like G-embryo does), etc...

Grab attacks can give the player this "get off me" feeling, making them automatically tap buttons...

Can you put hands on window that will grab the character like in RE games? and in RE2 those zombie hands that come out of barricades and hold the character?

And... there's nothing under her skirt :/ Can you put something? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I really enjoyed this short little demo, looking forward to the full release.

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The game definitely has potential.  There are some issues - controls and voice acting, mainly - but it is effective as a horror experience.  If those issues can be ironed out, and the content expanded, it could be a great throwback to old PS1 survival horror games.

I completed the demo too... I found a bug: in puzzle room, when you get the Left Hand Key and you press too fast (I think)... you can get stuck on screen like this:

By the way, nice game... That boi that trades for toothwheels has nice animations, and when he said "firepower", nice...

When Alisa responded with "The Doll House?" "No really?" is funny!

This game could have a great potential once completed, so keep on going 


really cool game, haven't finished it yet but I spotted a minor grammatical error, in a bedroom one of paintings is described as "a painting of a children a dog", shouldn't it be "a painting of a child and a dog"?

oops XD thanks for noticing! it actually had to be "a painting of children and a dog" no idea why I wrote that "a".

Just checked my game. it does say "A painting of children and a dog."
Are you sure you read a mistake there?


You're right just misread it, my bad


:P I completed the Easter Edition :D (and i'm also the first and only one who did it) - Here's my video and a screenshot. P.S you and Arisa are awesome, stay safe.

You are fast! well done! what's your favourite one? XD and thanks!


My fav egg's design is the 11th one (the green one at the bottom, which is also the same design of the 6th egg), my fav 3D models are Alisa (Underwear) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and Alisa (Military Uniform)


seen it on the indie game showcase twitch stream thing had to try it and well

Damn fine game hope it gets a full release i'm buying this one for sure

The giant spook man ended up killing me cause i ran out of bullets 


that's the joy of survival horror right?!


haha thanks! : )
And yea, not spooky if nothing kills you! XD
Keep an eye out on this game, I'm soon to announce some news for Alisa! : )


oh btw if you want to watch my gameplay and noob strat death i uploaded the video here I know i misspelled represent i did say it was a demo lol and yes i added some stuff in my video editor to make it seem even more like an official ps1 demo 

Will MacOS version ever be released? Please don't give up on MacOS community <3

for now Wine works very well with Windows version of Alisa on Mac. maybe when the game is fully released I could look back at MacOS. But I need to use different shaders because they are not compatible with native Mac.

Will we have the option to play with modern controls or are we stuck with tank controls?

I will test modern controls along the way of development but might not get into the demo.

Steam release when?


As soon as I can : )


Your game looks great! Love what I've seen already. Keep up the good work!


Saw this on the Nightdive indie game stream. Was instantly enamored by what I saw cause I love the old school survival horror vibes that this game gives off. The demo was quite fun and just long enough to be a tease for those of us wanting more. Will definitely be keeping an eye on its development, and can't wait to purchase the completed project. 


AWESOME demo!!! great work, cant wait 4 complete game, !! i loved it !!!


Great demo love everything from the concept to the gameplay the awesome music creepy enemies I even the voice acting. This is better than most of the recent so called retro games and its only a demo. Just goes to show what a couple of people with amazing skills and talent can achieve.


or just one guy can achieve XD haha
And thank you!


How true many thanks for your hard work no need to change anything in my view the story puzzles voice acting it all works


Wow, this is awesome. I really had fun with this and it manages to be frightening too. Can't wait for the full version.


I loveee the idea of this game! True nostalgia vibes! I would donate more money if I could!


Thanks a lot! ^^


You're more than welcome! I'm super excited to see how this project grows! ^.^ 


Here's my video about the Valentine Edition :D

Alisa (Survival Horror PS1) Demo en Español

Survival horror для русских пацанов!!!! 


i was watching a youtuber play  some games he found on, and within the first few seconds of seeing the beginning of this one, i had to stop watching, because i wanted to play it for myself before watching anything else. i really like it, it reminds me a bit of resident evil. i cant wait to see what this game has in store for the future, (especially after that cliffhanger at the end of the demo), and i wish you well on your future endeavors!

Ah, can this game not be played with a keyboard and mouse? I was trying to, but I couldn't seem to do anything with just those.

it's set up with keyboard by default.
Check the keybinding settings to see how the buttons are mapped for keyboard and if you want to change something to make it easier for you, you can do that too. : )


Alright, thank you! I was using my mouse to try to start the game. 
I can't wait to play! It looks interesting!

oh yea, the mouse doesn't do anything. It's only keyboard or a custom controller : )

Well, this was an absolute delight to play.

You have completely nailed the PS1 horror aesthetic far beyond just having charactesr be slightly polygonal. The tone, the environents, everything fits. And the odd combination of Alice in Wonderland imagery and dollhouse aesthetics works wonders. Definitely curious to see where this goes.

I do feel like, for a demo, it throws you into the shit a little too fast, as if you go downstairs without buying bullets, you're more or less instantly screwed with five enemies running around close by, and it seems there could have been a few more choice moments to add a scare (though one doll sneaking around downstairs after you go UPstairs was a great touch) - but these are peanuts

Definitely wanna see more!

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That was a very entertaining experience, look forward to the full game.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer


I absolutely adored this! Its style is very Resident Evil-like, which really brought me back to when these visuals were state-of-the-art. And yet, finally, a horror game not about zombies! The music captures the mood perfectly, and I look forward to checking out the upgrades system. Can’t wait for the full release! 


If it cost any cesh i will pay many cesh

Is the best gaym ever


Hi i really loved this demo it brought me right back to 1996 playing the first 3d game i ever played i was 5 and it starts by locking you in the attic. same graffics and cluncky gameplay.  unlike other comments i found the aiming to be to my liking as it was hard like the old games. were the concept is not to kill everything but conserve your ammo and only do what you what you have to. the dolls were creepy and story evolving as i play the game and make progress. i really wanna support this game so we can see a full game. wouldn't mind a hd grafics tho but that just me wining a little. 

it took a while to get the controlls to work. i couln't use my steam controller and that was a issue for me. but i got the keybord to work just fine. my only advice it to make the controll settings more readable so we can set it up easier. other wise i love everything about this. video to follow

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