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Hi Mr. Croes and congratulations on your release of the first demo of Alisa. I had a great experience playing it and I’m highly looking forward to play the next demo (if any before the final release). You did an amazing job at recreating the style, ambiance, and gameplay of an old PS1 survival horror game and I had, as I was playing, many flashbacks of the very first Resident Evil. My congratulations also to Miss Yoshimura for her great soundtrack that truly fits the ambiance of an old survival horror game (Is she actually your muse for Alisa’s character? Not only does she voice her but their names are almost the same).

There are many points I would like to share with you on how you could continue to improve your game:

BUGS/GLITCHES (Maybe some of these have already been addressed in the new version of your game... Also, I was playing with an Xbox 360 controller, if such information matters.):

1-When you enter a room, if you stand too far away from the door when pressing the action button (to trigger the enter command), you will sometimes appear outside of the room you try to enter (beyond the walls), or literally inside the door. I did not test it on all doors but it happened on many of them.

2-When you go up or down the stairs, if you hold the aim button while reaching the floor, Alisa will remain in her climbing animation, and you can even shoot your weapon at the same time. 

3-When your health is very low and Alisa gets in her ‘’wounded gait’’, if you unequid your weapon and walk (but not run), she will fall face down for no apparent reason and won’t be able to get up. The funny thing is that she can still move around while she lays down, use her weapon, change room, climb the stairs, and even have the conversation with Pol, all this while laying down! 

4-If you press the aim button very shortly, the weapon/health window will not fully appear on screen and appear incomplete. It seems that the window is dragged on screen at the same speed Alisa is raising her weapon, and therefore, if you interrupt the raising motion before she is fully done, the window will also stop its motion.

5-In the conversation between Alisa and Pol, the bottom and top of the screen become black. Still, as the camera transits from one character to the other as they talk, the bottom and top of the screen become normal again for a brief flash (before turning black again). It does the same during the cutscene where Alisa wakes up in bed and also the one where she meets the first enemy doll. 


1-The enemies are extremely easy to pass by as they don’t attack immediately when you get close to them (you can even run around them while remaining very close to them; they will then just stop moving forward and will simply rotate on a fixed axis while trying to face you, which even allows you to literally push them and they won’t even attack). I would suggest changing their attack pattern so they would attack more quickly when you get close to them, making it therefore risky to try to pass them by).

2-The pink doll enemies, when shot, will stop walking and attacking, which makes them extremely vulnerable once you get a good shooting angle on them (like when they walk straight towards you). Indeed, if you shoot the pistol at max speed, the dolls will barely even be able to walks towards you. Also, even if the doll is right in front of you, your pistol can shoot faster than her attack motion, making the doll unable to attack you in time. I would suggest removing that ‘’stop walking/attacking when being shot’’ thing so that the dolls can become a better challenge (especially if you intend to include an auto-aim option in the future!). But keep the sound they make when you shoot them, I like it!

3-I would suggest having a weak melee weapon very early in the game so the player can at least have a weapon in case he will end up with no ammunition (or try to save them). It could actually even be Alisa’s bare fists and/or feet when equipping no weapon (just like Jennifer in Rule of Rose).

4-When you are in the items menu, for some reason, the only way to exit is by selecting that ‘’return arrow’’, which is very annoying and counter intuitive. We should also be able to exit the items menu using the cancel/return button on the controller. 

5-When looking at the map, it would be nice to see Alisa’s exact location into the room she is. An arrow or triangle would be good as it can also indicate the direction she is facing, therefore making navigation easier. 

6-Being able to delete keys that you don’t need anymore might be a good idea.

7-Why is the military uniform providing the same defence percentage as the regular dress (15%)? It would be nice if it would give a little extra defence, since you pay for it.

8-Maybe it was just for the demo, but I hope we won’t get the machinegun so early in the game. It is too strong.

1-Being able to exit the game from the main menu would be nice. Right now I can only exit the game using Alt-F4 as the ‘’Quit’’ function just resets the game.

2-The voice acting could get some improvement... Although the current recordings definitely give the game a PS1 vibe! 

MINOR SUGGESTIONS (I’m being very picky here so be warned):

1-The way Alisa walks when she holds no weapon is really unnatural. I would suggest giving her a more natural gait.

2-When Alisa’s health is very low, she will get into her ‘’wounded gait’’. Her walking wounded gait is good, but her running one looks strange, like if she was jumping a little while running. I would suggest modifying it so it looks more natural. It should also be slower, in my opinion, as one so close to death should not be able to go that fast.

3-When Alisa is in her ‘’wounded gait’’, if you change room, she will appear in the new room standing straight (as if unwounded) but will then immediately fall forward into her wounded posture. This also happens after completing the key puzzle. It gives the impression that she is suddenly deflating and it would be nice to address it.  

4-When one remove’s Alisa’s dress, she ends up being barefoot. Still, the sound of her footsteps is clearly the one of someone wearing shoes. A barefoot sound would be nice.

5-When Alisa is barefoot, her feet are in the same angle as when she is wearing shoes (i.e. like if she were wearing heels), which looks weird. Correcting this would make her look more natural.

6-In most games, when your character remains still for a while, he will often change posture as if he was bored or was losing patience. Although Alisa will put her machinegun over her shoulders after a while when standing still, she does nothing when holding the pistol or no weapon. A change of posture would be nice too.

7-When you open the drawer at the beginning of the demo, you find the handgun, a key, and a note. But when you pick the handgun, you suddenly have an extra clip of ammunitions. Maybe we should not get the extra clip out of nowhere and instead pick it up independently?  

1-While keeping the ‘’Name your own price’’ option when downloading the game, I believe being able to receive a bonus for donating a certain amount of money would be nice. But maybe it is more an option for when the full game will be released...

So I hope my advices will be of some help and I’ll be happy to provide them on the next demos! 

I wish you the best of luck with the rest of the game’s development; this is truly a project I’m looking forward to play in its full version!


Thank you for your feedback! I will try to answer as many questions as possible.

Thanks for adressing some bugs where other people couldn't find the cause. This will indeed help to fix it.
Some bugs are probably already fixed, Because you can get out of the item menu pushing "cancel" since the first update.
Some stuff just didn't make it into the demo because I didn't have enough time to put them in. Like really small things (like the sounds of naked feet on the ground).
Also many of the animations were the first animations ever made and were going to be replaced with polished animations but didn't get there. The main pink doll has indeed very crappy AI. But this is because the animations were also temporary and I had to find a way to balance it for people that are bad at this game. Because 50% of the players die from this pink doll. So yea.
The dresses has soft attributes. But they are not clear in current version. I'm fixing that for the next update.
For the map: I can not put an exact location for the player because of the low resolution. an arrow would sometimes be the size of a room.
Right now, this map is exactly the same as RE1. So I guess it's fine for now.
The machine gun is for the demo. Will indeed be a later game weapon in the full version.
There will be melee weapons. Quit should work as normal. No idea why it restarts your game. But I will check again. It might be a bug.
I will also re-record the voices of Alisa. I guess Pol is alright for now.
The fact that she sometimes looks normal and going back to wounded-state is because there is an interaction-animation for doors and picking up stuff. this is why it looks this way.
If I wanted to make this demo perfect, I would have had to delay it with another half-a-year.
Remember that this is my first real game.

And I guess if people want to give something, then that's fine. I don't have anything to give in return really.
But I'm going to use the money for giveaways and possible ports to different platforms. So it goes to good cause for everyone.


What i liked about the game:

1. It was very immersive. Reminded me a lot of some old games like Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill.

2. Voice acting is a nice feature. I didn't expect it. I think it is awesome!

3. I like the puppet character a lot. Can't wait to see more in the full release.

4. The stoury is intriguing. I really would like to know more!

5. Her sassy walk is amazing!

What I disliked about the game:

1. I had a bug when you enter the room, you see the room but Alisa stays behind, she is not in the room with the camera. I don't know how to explain this, but that happened in the video (the 1st game in the video)

2. NO saving points. It's ok for the demo but in the full game I hope there will be some!

3. When enemies reach you, they sometimes just look at you for a while and don't hit you. I guess that is another bug. But considering that I am not so skillful that was very helpful XD Still, I think for the full release that is not quite gucci.

Overall, I had a blast playing this game. So much fun! Thank you, developer, for such a great job!


Yea, that bug happened because you interacted with the door from quite far away. But it's good that I know this bug. Will fix it in the next update. 
Save points is for the fullgame. Because this is only a ~20min demo.
And that enemy behaviour is to balance it a little. But this will change in the full version with new animations.
For some people, the game is too difficult and for other people it's too easy. So I had to find some kind of (temporary) balance.

(1 edit)

I see. Yeah, I think the game is a bit hard but that makes it more interesting and challenging. That is why, I beelieve, the game's difficulty is perfect right now!

Thanks for replying)


truly felt like old times. no problems for me at all and i cant wait to see how it all turns out in the end. i hope this inspires more to try and make there own 90's horror game. it just feel right to play them like this. thank you for the hard work

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Hey dude, this is a great demo! A few things about this one:

1. For some reason, I couldn't angle up and down when I ready the gun, maybe it's my controller? I have no idea. Auto-aiming would be a great feature to have if manual aiming doesn't work out for a player like me. (Edit: Never mind this one, I read that you'll include it in one of your replies.)

2. After I obtained the Left Hand Key, I went fast on the selection of options, hit the option to leave the puzzle and it froze the game on me and all I could do is pause the game and exit out.

3. When I went back into a room, the game literally blacked out with no explanation.

Nonetheless, this is a great inspiration of PS1 horror games such as Resident Evil! Keep up the good work.

Yea the same happened to me, the first version was working fine, the new release i cant aim down too, yea auto aim would be cool too

I love this game, you have created something amazing. 

For the people who've never held a controller in their life, having the tutorial explain the keyboard bindings of a *PC* game would be useful.

Not sure if this is intended but during gameplay. When you first start, go down the stairs & make the left down that semi-long hall. The room with the stand in the middle & chained up door. The game seems to stop working there, You can move & such but pressing start & action buttons no longer work.


Has anyone ever played this at 240p on a real CRT? Cuz I did and it looks truly authentic and crisp this way! Not sure if this was intended by design, do the backgrounds use the same resolution as PS1?

yep : ) this is the way I brought it to a gamedev community event in Brussels. When the game was still alpha and not public.

As you can see, I also put a super small PC in an empty PS1 case for this presentation. : )

(1 edit)

clicking the links doesn't work for me, shows only 1 image. if you copy them and put it in your search bar, it shows the correct photo.


Dude... that is next level incredible. The CRT community must know of this! I've played the demo a couple times and loved every second of it, but haven't completed due to busy schedule, gotta find a few more hours in a night than I've had, to be able to run through it all.

Please pleeeaaase keep up the great work on this project, I would absolutely love a full-length game out of this!

there is a CRT community? feel free to share it there : )
And I will do my best to finish this game : )

(1 edit)

Hi, I could only play the demo one time, until I transpassed a wall I was checking, in the room with two dolls bellow the stairs, and was unable to return to the screen :P

Then I closed it and, after run the executable again, I can skip the controller screen and the opening pressing enter, but on the main menu with the three options enter doesn't work anymore nor any key besides the arrows, moving the cursor up or down. The only way to close the game is force close the window. I already tried the F1 + F2 but no luck.

Despise all pretty good game, I'm glad someone finally made one following the PSX aesthetics for real.

Edit: also one minor complain, give us auto aim on the finished game like all RE after 2, please.

you probably played the first version of the game, right?
did you set up a controller and then second time tried without controller?
and auto-aim will be an option in the full game : )

Yes, I tried with and without the controller plugged after it was failing to respond the commands.

I also remembered something because the comment above about the CRT. My PC is connected both to my regular monitor and a CRT TV which I use to play emulated stuff and games with lower resolution in general, and I can't get full screen on the CRT because it is the secondary display on Windows, only if I change it to primary. Would be good to implement later the fullscreen on the same display the game is running.

Very promising demo and game. Keep it up :)
- Targiom

I made a spanish gameplay of the game, pretty good to be honest , but has some tricky bugs that scares you more than the game haha, good work guys i really like. 

Postdata: you can take Alisa dress out :v

Hice un gameplay en español del juego, es muy bueno para ser honesto,pero tiene algunos bugs que asustan mas que el juego haha, buen trabajo chicos de verdad me gusto.

Postdata: puedes encuerar a Alisa

the block puzzle still not wqork with me

you put the right letters or the screen bugs?

Please make the graphic HD, gameplay already so good miss PS 1 style survivor game

I think the whole point is to NOT have HD graphics


please make in widescreen

i like the ps1 graphics

i have no prob with 8 bit style graphic, but at least make it looks like crash team racing style, or atleast make a setting for us to choose wherever to use classic 8 bit or modern style

But this is already 32bit style.

(2 edits)

It would be great to be able to change movement keys on keyboard. I'm used to play with psx emulators using wasd on the left hand and delete-end-page down-home on the right hand. So having to use the arrows for movement not only keeps me from using insert and page up and shoulder buttons, but it's also awkward. I even edited the xml that stores the settings, but it would still use arrow keys. Also, I'm playing on linux, 1.1 and the game stopped responding to commands after I solved the block puzzle with the hand key. It didn't freeze, but it didn't answer to any key I pressed either.

ps: it would be good to be able to skip cutscenes too.

pps: 2nd attempt at the block puzzle, 2nd time the game stopped responding.

btw, the game stops responding after getting that key on the windows version running through wine too.

when i complete the slide fist key puzzle my character gets frozen. this game looks beautiful tho and has such a great charm about it... any help with this bug?


The dev released a bug fix a little before we downloaded the game. My hunch is that he broke something on that patch. I experienced it on both windows and linux versions.

Actually, reding the post about the patch, he might not have fixed it at all. This bug seems to be mentioned there.


Loved this game. i feel like i missed so many things. didn't encounter any problems, and controls are smooth. Worth the 5 dollars, thank you.

Thank you! : D


Let me know if I did miss anything. Would make a part 2 without hesitation Haha. The game has this ambient atmosphere, and wish I could pay more but I'm in a budget Haha.  A very replayable game. Hope to play the full game soon...... even voice act in it?...... no ok I tried

I got quite a big list of potential voice actors now : p but if I'm in need of a small role, I will come back to you : )


im like my 89 friend down there i made an account just to tell you omg yes someone who made a game like that now lets get to the main questions mr amazing dude im like your self always wanted to make a game but the only option was a game that need one person team type like rpg maker but i thought years back can someone make a game like resident evil 1-2-3 with prerender background alone ? i guess yes you can :D

so please if you have any free time answer me this

1_ what engine u used to make this game ?

2_ how long did it take you to make it ?

3_ what do you need to know to make a game like this ? like animation programming since its from late 90s im thinking maybe now its easier to make than a ps4 looking game you know 

4_ any online courses to get into so i can end up like your level and make a game like this for me not to upload online haha

thanks alot and great fucking job :D


hehe yea it's possible it seems : p
1. I use Unity because it's easier to strip down the graphics and optimize it compared to UE4.
2. I started in 2017. I was only a 3D artist and did not know progamming, so a couple of programmers passed but never stayed so I had to learn programming myself. that was exactly 1 year ago when I started programming.
so I already had many year of experience in 3D art and using Unity but never finished a real game project.
3. the answer to this question is answered in nr.2.
4. The best way to start is by starting and taking on 1 feature at a time.
and also: you need serious dedication. The only reason why I finished this is because I have no other choice.
it's making this game or having to do dead-end jobs for the rest of my life. So I sometimes work 12hours a day.
So don't underestimate the mental part of it XD

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Hi, i just created an account to say that i loved this demo, damn cant wait to play the full version of your game, i really enjoyed the ps1 style graphics, the tank controls and fixed cameras like the old resident evils, hope u put magnum revolver in the game too haha i loved using on resident series, and do you intend to port the game to mobile? In this case ios,  would be great to play it anywhere on my iphone :D

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the game! ^^
I want to port the game to every system except mobile.. sorry : /
Mobile is just a little difficult to sell a game on. It also doesn't have buttons.
But I will probably release on switch and psvita and other home consoles.


Oh i understand about the mobile no problem, im just glad i can enjoy it on my pc thats fine, cant wait to play it,wish u all the best :D

I really like the effort to make this appear like a playstation 1 game, but it feels like a pc game with ps2 models jacked up with a jitter/pixelization filter. Playstation had its limits but they were not this bad and honestly the pixelization was mostly due to crts with low color resolution. The textures on the ps1 were much higher quality than on here, especially since most objs had their own texture sets. Theres also really no hint of unstable polys which was what the ps1 was remembered for. I did notice there was some unstable effect to the polys in the cinematics, but the alias effect overshadowed it too much.

I can't believe how well you captured the feeling of an old PS1 horror game lol I did find some bugs that caused me to restart but I was enjoying the game so much that I didn't mind replaying lol this is the finally game in the video!


Wow i really love this game and can't wait for a full release! But there are several issues with the macversion i encountered. The models are not getting rendered and there were several times when i encounter the blockpuzzle, that i couldn't switch back to the switchoptions. Also some problems with switching from fullscreen to windowed mode, so i had to end the game :/. It would also be very nice if a saveoption is getting implemented. I really love the inspirations you took from the original Alone in the Dark (which i love very much) and the old Resident Evils :)! I can definitely see it in the roomdesigns and so on. Also Pol is a very funny, great character. I also like the voiceacting of both characters very much. Keep up the good work!

There are many problems with the Mac version. I will look into it after I'm done with the bug fix patch. savepoints will be for the full version.
But I'm glad you liked it dispite the broken gameplay you had : )


keep up the good work! this is awesome.


This is so well done, if the words "capcom" and the playstation boot up screen were there, it wouldn't look out of place, the atmosphere and the music and the 3d model work is all absolutely spot on to a "resident evil-like" ps1 game, this developer is not getting enough love out there and the developer should 100% reach out to Nintendo to see about getting this out on there digital market place, and this could then lead to a potential physical release via limited run games. 

All I can end with is to say personally to the developer, you absolutely nailed it and I (and I'm sure many others) would definitely pay money for a console/physical copy of this game, keep up the great work of breathing new life into 90's ps1 era horror games. 

Hmmm, not yet tried the demo, but the screenshots give me the idea the game is a bit inspired by American McGee's version of Alice in Wonderland, yet still different enough not to be regarded a fangame (that "The Doll House" (which is the name of the final grand mission in "Alice: Madness returns"), the name "Alisa" and the dress in the banner give me this idea).

Now I am not really a fan of horror games (especially not when they merely rely on jump scares), but this game does look interesting. I will certainly add this demo to my "Games to play" list, and (no promises yet) hopefully I can go into a more detailed judgment then. ;)

oh it's not inspired on Alice or the horror Alice games : )
it's something completely different and it's not an extreme horror game. It is only horror themed. some parts might be creepy to some people. When I started I thought of Alice meets Resident Evil but threw it overboard very quickly. only the blue dress stayed. if I changed the colour to green or something, it would be 0% Alice : p


Okay, interesting... But I hope you don't blame for having that game springing to mind.
Okay, so when we say horror, it's just to cause some creepy mood, but not really to give me a fright... Now that sounds even more interesting. ;)

yes, so it's not exactly creepy or hae blood and gore, just eerie atmosphere. a bit weird and funny at some points. : )

Perfect... I have a full schedule now, but I'll give this a try as soon as I have the time ;)

Deleted 13 days ago

No problem XD
What is Alisona? : p
I wish I could put more tags in it, Mystery is indeed also a good tag.
And yes : ) a friend also gave me that idea of putting those crawlers somewhere in lower dark parts.
In the full version there will indeed be more dark rooms.
Lantern rooms, not sure yet. I have to think of a cool mechanic to make it work well. And not make it look too cheap.
I will soon upload the soundtrack to youtube to stream for free. : )
I also want to make collectables for physical editions and I have 2 cool ideas for possible DLC that add's some extra replayability to the game.
And I'm aiming for around 15$ for the full version : )

And thank you! don't worry : ) game development is my life. if I can do this fulltime, I would be the happiest person in the world : )

Deleted 13 days ago

Howdy! And hello i just wanna say that i really enjoyed playing this game unfortunately i haven't finished the demo just yet but have been enjoying it so far i am glad to see that ps1 style horror is going very strong in the indie community despite not boasting intense graphics yet so far still inflicts that retro horror we all know and love so great job with this i can't wait for this game to be fully released and anything else you guys create, so great job! also i have made a video on this game that also captured a bug in the game which blinds the player with the menu The Problem Starts At 17:12. 

haha I skipped to that bug, I laughed XD did not expect that! but this bugs might be fixed now and the patch will be up by the tomorrow or by the end of the day. I'm glad you liked it : )


I had such a hard time controlling her.  I will definitely have to get a controller to fully play this game! But, I got the hang of it a little bit and of course I made a video =D DUH!  I really liked this game.  It reminded me a little of Rule of Rose which I love.  Digging the graphics as well.  Nice job!

Deleted 13 days ago

Yes there will be different languages in the future and I sure going to bring it to console. Switch is indeed one of those that I want to build for : )

Voices will probably change/re-recorded for the full version.

And thanks for the tag suggestions! Those are indeed better : ) it's my first game so I'm still learning.


To say I loved the game would be an understatement

This feels so close to the old games and gets your imagination going, I'd love to play this as a kid on my PS1, I've made a video about it too (please excuse if I look to excited in the video these games are hard to come by)


Now, that's what I call a perfectly authentic homage to the PS1 era!

Excellent representation of the classic Resident Evil series, from conrols, atmosphere, pre-rendered backgrounds, creepy setting, graphics, and music!

Far better than mine!

Great job, can't wait for the full version:)


just finished the game and my god was it so nostalgic!

i have a few suggestions if you may allow

1) please allow a quick 180 degree turn control just like the RE, i suggest the button combination be run + up or down button to quickly turn

2) the voice acting needs work, but basing from the character model and the picture of the woman in the inventory, i think she is japanese? one suggestion if nailing the accent is challenging, make the game's voice in japanese, i would not mind it at all, and just add some english subtitles.

The quick turn is a very wanted feature by many : ) so I'm adding that in a language update.
The voices will stay like this for the demo until the final release. But we will re-record most voices or find different actors. She is japanese indeed. Same person as the composer. we are just 2 people making this game. so the devs are also the voices : p


please add the japanese voices! i would love it so much! it fully reminds me of the first time i played Resident evil 1 in my PS1 back when i was a kid in japan, thank you!

I will definitely do that! : D

Deleted 13 days ago

1. yes
2. I will make a mechanic to save the game in safe rooms
3. not sure, there will be all kinds of puzzles.
4. since every costume has their own attributes, they should all look a bit different from eachother. but maybe some of your ideas might come close to what I will make. it's hard to say at this point of development.
5. save rooms might be spread like bonfires in darksouls : p because it creates fear
6. maybe there will be 1 occasion where a door breaks by an enemy : ) but it's not planned at a specific place yet.
7. not sure, but at least 2 variations of 1 type. (like 2 pistols, 2 shotguns, etc)


I'm not for the whole tank controls kinda thing nor fixed camera angels but imo you've nailed the ambience, environment, sound and gameplay. Cool. I hope the final release will be a success.

(1 edit) (+1)

Amazing work mr Casper, i found this game very nostalgic, its like a combination  of RE1 and Clock Tower II and i f***ing like it. Keep your good work, u're going to be famous and lucrative...

I found some minor bugs on my gameplay:

1.After entering some rooms, Alisa appears behind the door through which she is supposed to enter

2.In some corridors you need to walk a lot so that the camera changes places, to the point where she loses you.

Some constructive requests:

1.could you make the dolls bleed when they were shot?, some kind of white blood or something. The blood should never be lacking in Survival Horrors.

2.The dolls can't go down the short stairs when they chase you, that takes away some realism, Could it be improved?

3.the movements when she goes down the stairs need more polishing.

4.Alisa's voice feels very robotic, as if she were reading a script without accents. A good technique to achieve realism is for the voice actress to imagine being in the situation of what she is narrating.

5.add different death scenes for each enemy of the game, they are usually the impact that triggers greater fear in these games.

that's it, I'm eager to play the final version, keep up the excellent work!!!


RESIDENT EVIL 1 BUT WITH DOLLS!? | Alisa The Awakening

I actually loved this style of game back in the day! It's good to be reminded how bad i am at them too! Haha! :P Great game worth a play!


This was a lot of fun!


This is amazing! Keep up the great work and I can't wait to play more!! 

The trailer reminds me of the first resident evil.  

Can't wait to play it!😀

Hi! Liked a lot the concept of the game, reminds me Alone in the Dark. It didn't run by downloading the zip file in my macOS 10.15.2 Catalina. But I just installed the itch app and trough the app it is running. The skins of the characters are not being rendered:

Keep working! I will want the final version of this game!

I'm currently investigating this bug on mac, I will probably get it fixed by next week : )

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