New MacOS build. v1.33b

Hello guys,

I had some reports that the Mac build didn't work on Catalina.
So here is version 1.33b. Again, didn't test it. But please test if you have Catalina if it works this time.

5 days until the end of the Kickstarter! only 15% to go for the next stretchgoal!

Thank you!
- Casper Croes


Alisa Demo (Mac) 55 MB
Jun 15, 2020

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Yes, but not so fast... The app to download will result in a "the app can't be open" error, with no further details. Basically, the executable is not with "x" permission to execute, and must be corrected by Terminal (you can follow this:

Now, follow the prescription to run unofficial apps and... finally... will run! And now with the right shades. Running games in mac is a prequel of horror survival games these days...

thanks for the feedback! Mac is such a pain...

btw, I have no idea how mac works and all of these things, but would it be possible to copy that executable and give it to someone else? or is that "x" comment only for your own system and not inside that executable?
Otherwise I can update the game with a copy of that so other's doesn't have to fiddle around.

The "x" is executable attribute, makes the file a real application. When I build in my own mac, there is no need to go to Terminal and change it by hand, so I think the file is losing the attribute when it is transferred through the Internet. Maybe zipping it will prevent, don't know yet. I will have to find out why before I started to publish my own mac builds...

ooh I see, thanks for letting me know!

I couldn't get it to run even after following the step-by-step instructions in the video. There is no launcher in the MacOS folder.

Inside the MacOS folder there is a file with the same name of the package (Alisa Demo (Mac) v1.33b). This is the file to add "x" attribute. Might be necessary to add "sudo" in the command line he show in the video (sudo chmod +x ...), so the Terminal will ask for your user password to perform the change.

Any chance you might be able to help? I followed the steps in the video, but after I drag the file to terminal and click enter it just says "permission denied"

You might try enter 'sudo' before all the command line, your password will be requested and than the command will be executed. But your user must be part of sudo group, otherwise only with root user will work.


Although I am not a Mac user, I am so glad to see that you really keep in account your customers' requests. Compliments to you, Casper.


Yea, it's important for me that many people can play it : )