Hot Fix version 1.41

Hello everyone!

Just did a small fix for a couple of small issues. Mostly grammar mistakes. fixed one bugs with the pistol. and updated some textures of Alisa's costumes.

I'm also sad to say that I had to upgrade to a newer Unity version because RTX2000 series wasn't supported. This means that from now, Alisa will no longer work on Windows XP...

- Casper Croes


Alisa The Awakening Demo v1.41 (Windows).zip 56 MB
Nov 01, 2020
Alisa The Awakening Demo v1.41 (Linux).zip 71 MB
Nov 01, 2020
Alisa The Awakening Demo v1.41 (MacOS) 59 MB
Nov 01, 2020

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I do not speak for everyone, but I always thought that some small grammar mistakes were part of the charm in a game like this.  I mean, not a lot of them, but maybe one or two throughout the entire game, to mimic the style of the games of that time.  Thank you for what you do.  :)


haha yea I heard people say this XD but some people are allergic to these kind of things.
I think it's always better to keep everything grammatically correct. : p
But I'm glad you like it nonetheless : )