Last Backing Campaign!

Hello everyone!

A lot of people been asking me if they can still back Alisa.
So from tomorrow (July 15th) you can back the game until July 31st on:
In case you already backed before, and you want to upgrade your tier, Contact me.
(Find my contact information on the website above)

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I just Backed it. It was no problem my good sir. I believe Alisa the Awakening will Revive the type of Survival horror in third person that people have been waiting for.

Thank you very much! ^^

Hey! I'd love to help out but I'm not sure where to navigate through the link in order to back the game. 


What do you mean? To support you just pledge on Kickstarter, the link above goes to his website which has another link to the campaign page, or you could just search it on KS.

The game you can download (demo only atm) from here or Steam, once you pledge I think there's a link for an updated one, but there's not much else in there yet. A little prologue and cutscene, the main bit is same as the standard demo.

Kickstarter is over.
Now you can buy tiers on the website using Paypal. Also because Kickstarter still doesn't support Paypal.
From July 15th until July 31st.

I clicked the buy now under the tier level I wanted to support it but after the payment clicking on the return to merchant didn't work on paypal. Will you be emailing us updates to Alisa and a link to the "The Arrival Demo" to the email attached to our paypal emails as well as the final codes to the game and costume? Since this isn't like supporting on kickstarter where we can see all your updated posts on the campaign page as a backer and access messages there.

You will receive an email with your download for the Arrival Demo shortly after you bought a tier. (I try to check my emails as often as possible and I send these emails by hand)
On release you get your rewards send to the same email address.
In case you bought a tier with physical rewards, an email will be send to you to ask for your shipping details.

Oh and the Kickstarter Update blogs are free to read by anybody.
The first ones were not but most of that info is already known on social media anyway.

Thank you. Looking forward to the finished game.

Will this be on the Microsoft Store?

Probably not. Only when it becomes available on Xbox