Bug Fix Update!

Hello everyone!
The Awakening Demo of Alisa has been out for just over a week now. It was an amazing launch and got amazing feedback!
Thank you all very much!
I also had a lot of bug reports and saw many bugs in gameplay videos.

So the demo is now updated and most bugs are fixed!
- Better controller support with custom axis.
- Bug that breaks the letterblock puzzle.
- Bug that you can sometimes move a block in the slide puzzle eventhough the key is inside the block.
- Pauze menu and inventory menu spamming doesn't break the game anymore.
- Bug with the stairs is probably fixed.
- Thic Boi (Big doll in kitchen) doesn't slide forward when hit in body.

Known issues:
- Mac build is still unstable and mostly unplayable.
- Can't run instantly after going through a door.

Have a fun time playing! More updates coming soon.
- Casper Croes


Alisa Demo (Linux) v1.1.zip 64 MB
Feb 04, 2020
Alisa Demo (Mac) v1.1.zip 62 MB
Feb 04, 2020
Alisa Demo (Windows) v1.1.zip 46 MB
Feb 04, 2020

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Nice :P