Kickstarter Announcement Trailer is here!

Hello everybody!

I just released my Kickstarter Announcement Trailer!
For those who are curious to what the full game will contain, here are some shots!
Kickstarter will go live soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

- Casper Croes

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Ahhh!!! I'm super excited about this, I really do hope you release a mac version or at least that it runs well on wine like the demo does. It might be the first time I ever donate to a Kickstarter project. 

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Congrats man! The game has the perfect authentic. It looks like a legit PS1 horror game.

The only improvement IMO would be if the dolls grabbed Alisa by the throat and tried to choke her when close. The crawling dolls could also stab Alisa's leg and try to climb up to slice her throat.

Being grabbed in Resident Evil games is horrifying and it will translate very well here! Also, decapitating and dismembering enemies in similar fashion would be very cool if possible.

Either way, you have proven you have talent and I am sure you will do a fine job! 👍


yea I actually wanted to add grab attacks but I cut it out of the demo so I could release it : p I've been working on it for waaaay too long. but I have some grab attack ideas for the full version. so hopefully they will make it into the actual game : )


I want a physical edition with a PSX like case.

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what about a sega saturn long case? ;)


Way better 👌🏻

As long it doesn't broke so easily.

just don't drop it on the ground XD they are both equally as fragile


That’s super. I took the demo in live streaming, and everyone was pretty intrigued. Can’t wait for the complete game 😊


Casper, I was very impressed by this trailer. If you keep in this way with your horror/surreal imaginative, this will be a grade A horror video game.


I will do my best to follow my imagination and make this great : )
It's still my first game so I still got a lot to learn along the way. Especially because of the size of the game.




Awesome, I can't wait.


Me likey.