v1.31 added languages

Hello everyone!

Version 1.31 is here!
Fixed some minor bugs and added several text languages such as:
- French
- Italian
- Japanese
It's only a ~90% translated and there might be some small mistakes here and there.
It's sure is not perfect but at least it's a good start : )

Watch out, there is still a bug in the key puzzle that can "lock" you, just after finishing the puzzle.
If this happens, just hold down the backwards key (like moving or walking backwards) this will move the character back into a visible camera.
Still investigating what causes this bug.

In the mean time, have fun and stay tuned for more news on the Kickstarter and updates : )

- Casper Creos


Alisa Demo (Linux) v1.31.zip 69 MB
Apr 23, 2020
Alisa Demo (Windows) v1.31.zip 51 MB
Apr 23, 2020

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I would gladly help If you need a spanish translator :)

Hi! You need a portuguese translator? I would like to help! ;)

I'm currently taking a break from translating : ) will see when I get back to it

Let me know if you need some help with italian translations

I currently have an Italian translator : )

Good :)